How to search the apartment for online shopping

30.09.2010 10:57
Articles about real estate | How to search the apartment for online shopping One of the major components of real estate services is the selection of a suitable apartment, room or house. In this case, it is no secret that "under the counter" at the realtors do not lie flat.

That would be simply meaningless to the seller: because the more people know about the sale of apartments, the quicker a buyer.

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Therefore, almost all sold properties are advertised in the public domain. It is logical to assume that finding a suitable option and you can own. Understand in this case, it is important thing: what risks might lie in wait for the buyer.

Sources of information

All sources of information, which makes sense to seek out and have a chance to find an apartment, can be divided into several groups.

First - specialized publications, where buyers and sellers, realtors representatives regularly advertise their sites. The most popular of them - "Hand in Hand" and "Property and Prices." Because of their popularity, these publications are collected consistently large number of proposals. Therefore, looking at one of the numbers, you can get an overview and a fairly accurate picture of the market offers at the moment, in the first place - sort out the prices. However, choose the appropriate option would be not very easy.

First, not all sellers and realtors are willing to pay not the cheapest advertising in print media (the same procedure for "free" delivery of ads, such as "Hand in Hand", is quite complicated).

Secondly, the very technological cycle of typesetting and printing the paper version takes a lot of time during which the ad may be outdated. Another disadvantage of print "Database" - the need to constantly spend time and money to buy new issues, without any guarantee to see there is something new, and search among the dozens of sheets of fine handwriting - fun for the amateur. Therefore, to mark favorite flat handle on the pages of the magazine is for those who for one reason or another do not have access to the Internet.

The second group of sources of information for the buyer - specialized databases (these can also be related online versions of some publications). The main criterion for deciding to choose the database - its fullness. Many portals are essentially online magazines, where the emphasis is on publications on real estate rather than on the basis of proposals.

Of course, there is hardly a site, where you will be presented to everything sold in the current apartment. Nevertheless, see the 10% of the current market offers, or 80% - the difference is significant. Of those who emphasizes the large volume of proposals, may be called portals Winner, Estate, WORLD APARTMENTS, GdeEtotDom as well as the online version of "Hand in Hand" and "Property and Prices."

Winner - best known in the real estate environment base. Therefore, professionals prefer to advertise their facilities there. Moreover, one can say with certainty that there has almost all the offers of real estate agencies.

However, sellers who advertise their apartments themselves are usually not aware of the possibility to place your ad in this database. Therefore, the ad from the "direct" sellers out there a little. These proposals can be found on other portals, to a greater extent - in the electronic versions of publications. As for portals WORLD APARTMENTS, GdeEtotDom and, they will unite and demand Winner, and offers "from hand to hand."

The third group - free classifieds on the Internet and forums. Search for it - the laborious, lengthy and not always productive employment. The only advantage - it is possible to find the few ads that are not advertised in the "conventional" sources. Besides, they are likely to be directly from the seller. So, if all the proposals in the databases have already "learned by heart, and dreams of all the apartment was not found - worth looking for" nugget "that way.

However, given the variety of such "bulletin board" should be very clearly formulated request. For example, search for "one-room apartment on a certain street or in a brick house on the second floor." Then the probability increases to get to the really appropriate ad.

The fee for contact

In most cases, buyers access to contact information in the ads is free. Of the most popular is an exception, perhaps, Winner. There you can see all the ads for free, but the information in the ad is not fully (including the phone will not show the seller). For access to information needed to pay.

This may be a subscription fee - about 3 thousand rubles a month, or paying for the discovery of information in a short time. The first option used mostly realtors, who are permanently based at this base, the second is more expedient to private buyers.

Access to information on websites of publications, "Hand in Hand" and "Real Estate and prices, as well as on the portals WORLD APARTMENTS,, where this house, Rambler-Real Estate, electronic bulletin Slando, Avito and many other resources available free of charge . However, the resources, which combine several sources, including Winner, namely access to these announcements will also be paid. For example, on sites - Real Estate WORLD APARTMENTS access to contacts in their ads received from the base Winner, will cost 150 rubles for 2 hours.


Because the access charges for sale of housing is not so great, and sometimes non-existent, the buyer at risk of self-selection options, mostly time. In Russia, no professional databases, wherever, as in Western countries, the author ad was responsible for the accuracy of the information. Therefore, many or even all of what is stated in the advertisement object, it may be quite far from the truth.

This applies to the sales price and square footage, and condition, and even the floor or the location of the house. Who is doing it deliberately, wanting to "drag" the potential buyer to view, someone is genuinely mistaken (the same "repair" - the concept is very subjective). Therefore believe the information in the ad should never.

The most valuable thing in any announcement - the phone, through which the buyer begins to find out the actual proposal. In some cases, the price is higher than promised, and the object automatically disappears from the list of perspective. Often at the end of the tube can be heard that the apartment is sold (sometimes it is really sold, but more often it's "dummy" Realtors who are looking for so "orphan" of buyers in order to offer them their services). And it happens that to this very phone chronically nobody comes.

However, if the advance to be prepared for the fact that telephone communication would have to spend a lot of time, and finally a list of suitable options for multiple diminish - do not worry about it.

Programme of Action

So, to independently choose the appropriate option from the variety of proposals, is to proceed as follows.

- Go on any portal (or buy the edition), which presents a large number of ads and "first approximation" to evaluate the proposal on the market. It will assess its own capabilities and match them with what is currently offered. Often, after an initial assessment of a buyer have to adjust their claims to the property.

- Go to base with the highest number of proposals, the appropriate filter and gain access to contact information (if a paid basis).

- Ring up the selected ads, find out the real parameters of the proposed flats, look the most attractive of them. Discard or take into consideration the so-called "alternative" that is, apartments that can be sold to the owner only with the simultaneous purchase of another apartment, which will move and the current owner.

- Based on the thus obtained the real picture of the proposal once again to evaluate and adjust their capacities and wishes regarding the purchased apartment.

- Clearly and in detail to formulate the final query, and again to sort the proposals in the database, as well as using search engines to find a matching ad sales for "boards" and "forums".

- Maintain a further search (with phone calls, browse) among sorted so ads.

- Do not forget that the "select" apartment does not mean "buy." In front of a huge stage of the work: the negotiation process on the terms of the transaction, verification of legal purity of the object involved in "alternative" (alternative multilateral deals are often committed in the same day and are preparing for a long time) and much more. And all this is to conduct yourself is much more risky than simply select the appropriate option.
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