How to return the premium for new building

23.10.2010 00:05
Even buying an apartment through an authoritative real estate agency, alas, it turns out, does not guarantee the absence of "hemorrhoids" and concerns for investors at closing. The story begins with the fact that in mid-October last year, I decided to buy the mortgage housing being built LCD.<br /><br /><strong>Fateful decision</strong><br />Located just 2 km from Moscow to Gorky Highway, between Balashikhinsky Gorensky forest and forest park, an individual project and panoramic views of Moscow seemed to me a sufficient reason to pay $ 80 thousand for one-bedroom apartment. Acquire housing, I decided not to direct from the developer, and by buying out most of the space in this house a real estate agency "M". Like, "untwisted" the company name to protect me from any unpleasant problems like double sales, etc.<br /><br />So, a few days later we were sitting with the manager of "M", and he explained to me the future features of the transaction. So I had to give the "M" fee of 1.5% of the purchase price (plus their commission further work on the collection and processing of documents for the apartment) and the insurance part of the transaction (the obligation to pay it to me explain the contract to be signed by its customers ). Total in total - 140 thousand rubles. As the lending bank on the mortgage I chose Gazprombank, which is a rather favorable conditions credits to buy housing on this site.<br /><br /><strong>Housing complications</strong><br />It is not feeling the impending calamity, I quietly built a relationship with the bank. What was my shock when, during one of the "control will call" manager "Gazprombank" has informed me that the "M" on his own initiative suspend the conclusion of mortgage deals on the LCD. Naturally, the first thing I called for advice sole manager. First, his phone was silent, then a young man he called me and delighted "by news of that in the" M "he is no longer working, and reported the coordinates of the manager, who will now conduct my business.<br /><br />Well, well. New call. After listening to me, the man promised to look into the situation and call back in a week. It turned out that at a time when I was mentally trying on to his apartment, the management of "M" has decided to radically change the contract, which the company entered into with customers, which, naturally, and stop the sale of residential mortgages. Sighing, I asked when I fetch the money already paid. And here is me and broke out in a cold sweat. It turned out that the commission "M" can I pick up tomorrow, but the "insurance" part - and she, incidentally, was almost 110 thousand rubles. - Only after a "normal" situation with the instruments. When exactly, he does not know yet, but be sure to call back when the information appears.<br /><br />The next month was for me the most nervous for the year. Endless calls to the "M" did not give the result: a new manager it was not there, he was at the talks, the two-week vacation. Finally, roughly interrupting another call, the man told me to "calm down" and wait until he finishes the case with their clients. And advised no longer "bother" him if I want to ever get the money.<br /><br /><strong>The Knight</strong><br />Desperate to get justice by conventional means, I decided to cheat. Calling the spokesperson of the "M" and presented a major magazine columnist who writes about real estate, I explained my situation. And, of course, as if incidentally noticed that in our next number we are preparing material for the mortgage "kidalovo", and would like to see such a respected company as "M" would be his "figurant.<br /><br />Having listened carefully to me, a spokesman promised to help. To draw water into the kettle and make a sandwich, I began to think about the ethics of the act. Ugly? Agreed. Is not nice to me came in the "M" by freezing the amount which would have been by no means excessive for an entrance fee to "odnushku" in another LCD, especially on the background of a permanent rise in price of real estate in the Moscow region?<br /><br />Subsequently, calling the law firm, I learned how to be razrulivat my situation under the law. In particular, I was told that in the first place it was necessary to write to (getting a mark on his copy of the letter) to the head of real estate agency, expressing a desire to get back the amount of money and giving the reasons for the delay. If this fails, then it should apply to the regional association of realtors, which is the agency "M". Actually, not just the association, and working with the Committee of Consumer Protection, which would and should send a letter of complaint to the firm's management (again, receiving a mark on his copy of the letter), which explain the situation, attach copies treaties and agreements. If that fails, then there was only one way out - court, which in my case, according to lawyers, with a probability of 99% would stand up on my side, and I could try to "dilute" the "M" is also on the non-pecuniary damage.<br /><br /><strong>The latter calculation</strong><br />Whatever it was, worm, hard gryzshy my conscience was mercilessly destroyed by a phone call a press secretary. On the background of my previous multi-day expectations of a similar efficiency (even the coffee did not have time to cool down, I promise!) Seemed to be something out of science fiction. As, however, and subsequent words girl. On behalf of the owner of "M" she brought me a personal apology and offered to resolve the issue amicably. That is, tomorrow I had to drive up on such an address, where I promised to give expropriated "M" funds in full.<br /><br />Well, break - do not build, and pick up - not to give up: the next day at four o'clock I was standing before the aforesaid before the address. However, the closer I approached the building, the more my eyes rounded with surprise: I was expecting to get into one of the back offices of "M" in an extreme case - a "party funds." However, instead of shining renovated office I was met by an ominous gaping depth gate house built before the Revolution. Calling. Wait a minute. Waiting. Soon the black depths of a doorway filled more black carcass, which resembles something between a pregnant hippo and the space shuttle. A moment later, from the carcass, which turned some of unimaginable size SUV, a man came and asked me whether the same Dmitry. Swallowing, I shyly nodded as dark doorways was the last place where I'd like to meet this man. His clean-shaven skull a la Alexander Rosenbaum was ispolosovan many scars, his eyes seemed ready to take out of your soul, and hands - to break the jeep in half. Completed the same ominous appearance "delegate" crocodile shoes, crocodile jacket (no doubt that the man has extracted and skinned the poor animal alone, I did not have any).<br /><br />Fortunately, we finally scared I could not - in my hands wandered envelope with 110 thousand rubles. Feeling the bulk of its pleasant, I understood why the officials are always so willingly take bribes. "I can not count?" - I inquired gently. In response, the man smiled a crocodile smile, that I realized the stupidity of my question. Wink at parting, a man climbed into a "behemoth" and drove off somewhere on business. I just tucked the envelope into his pocket, went to the nearest bar to miss a couple kruzhechek dark "Kruzhovitse" to move away from recent events. And in a month and a half I became the happy owner of "odnushki" being built in another LCD too far from Moscow. Let the deal in the end and cost somewhere up to 20 thousand more than that chosen for the first time, but everything was much more relaxed and civilized manner. Still drinking coffee at the office developer is much nicer than to communicate on financial topics in a dark alley with the owner of crocodile shoes.<br /><em><br /></em><br />
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