How to rent an apartment, without breaking anything?

23.09.2010 20:33
Search for housing realtors advise the summer, when demand and prices are minimal. It is not easy to pick up something suitable. Prices bite, standing offers every now and then float away from under their noses, and prowling round crooks ready to tear the inexperienced applicant as a sticky. How to rent an apartment, without breaking anything?

Deceived and confused ...

As you know, the best option - rent from friends or relatives who are ready to take over housing a nominal fee. If you can not, you should try searching through public sources - the Internet, newspapers. Carefully review specialized sites and publications, quick to respond to ads - good cheap apartments "go" quickly. Another possibility - Ads "from the post. But in this type of search risks are growing many times. However, in the newspapers and the web can be run into a scam. On the number of frauds lease is considered a leading segment of the real estate market.

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Crooks use a very simple, repeatedly tested tricks, and find them and bring to justice is difficult. It should therefore be critical of ads, offering suspiciously low price. Very common method, where the intermediaries are asked to first pay for their services (usually within 2-5 thousand rubles.) And only then undertake to provide a list of options. In most cases, it turns out the old base, where the apartments have already been dealt, but free is too expensive or there appear dummy objects. Last seemingly give up, but at some point the owner refuses the deal - under the pretext that he had found another tenant, or for personal reasons in general changed his mind to take shelter. "The apartment, which hangs in the different bases for more than three months of contact with different mobile numbers - variant, which causes suspicion: it may take time to different clients" - warns Tatiana Romantsova, spokesman for «CENTURY 21 Russia."

Contracts also be made in such a way that people could not get my money back. Therefore, referring to the company or to a private broker, never pay in advance - if you offer a prepayment, it often means that you are faced with so-called information services. In the end, you take a commission, you will not find an apartment and money is not coming back. Remember: professional real estate agents charge a fee only after the transaction! "It is desirable to match prices set on pillars, with the average in the market. To navigate, it is possible to call several agencies and, leaving the application, inquire about rates, not to swallow the bait scammers who offer cheap luxury apartments - advises Maria Zhukova, deputy director of MIEL-Rent. " - While cost options can be found at the agency. Most landlords still prefer to place the proposal in the databases of large firms, rather than on street billboards.

How to work with agencies

Better to see a realtor, who has helped your friends, or in a certain office. Yes, it will have to pay for services in the amount of the monthly rental cost, but you'll be convinced. Keep in mind: the bigger the company, the more it becomes the owners, so the choice is wider. On the other hand, if the apartment is needed not in Moscow, the most reasonable to visit a local Realtor organization, which is complete in all major cities in the region. They have developed the base, and most homeowners and renters prefer to go there and not in Moscow agencies, which have less knowledge of local markets.

To reduce the search time is better to address than one company, but a few, since their bases are usually different, or at least different branches of one company. As accurately articulate their demands and clearly defined budget. Seen by realtors in the process of finding a tenant requests a few corrected. It should be ready to go to views in advance excluding obviously unsuitable options. Do not buy the entreaties of the agent rent a house, which you somehow do not like.

How to build a relationship with the owner

Should not be populated in the apartment if the owner refuses to show documents of ownership (or shows only a copy) or passport. Always desirable to conclude a contract of employment was attended by owners, rather than proxies - unscrupulous relatives and friends may well pass someone else's house, then suddenly come back to the owners. Money should be given only on receipt. In addition, during the economic cataclysm is not worth to make a significant prepayment or change currency payments, hoping to win. In this situation, one of the parties will find a reason to take offense ("in the wrong currency," "overpaid", "underpaid") and in the next round will try to take revenge. It is better to enter into flexible contracts, translated at the exchange rates to be mutually beneficial to take into account changing economic conditions. Zhukova do not recommend doing large advance payments - for example, six months ahead, especially when it insists that the counterparty. No need to also make concessions if a homeowner does not want to sign the contract. "All the agreements, all the nuances should be fixed in the contract" - reminds the expert. If the details of the lease attached document, you will be protected from any troubles. And carefully read the documents that sign up.

If the tenant and landlord willing to show their income to the state, a contract registered with a notary and both sides are paying taxes. In this case, we can safely conclude a contract for several years with a fixed price and exact dates of residence. Usually so do the owners of medium-sized and expensive objects, but it's not the rule. Another option - not to register the document. Then contractors verbally agree on terms and price and sign a tenancy agreement for 11 months (contracts are concluded in less than a year, not subject to registration). If the tenant plans to live longer with the time the agreement is prolonged. True, there are certain risks: a property owner can not renew a contract or raise the price. Head of Research Center GED Alexander Pypin advises renters and homeowners as openly and honestly to build a relationship since their break leads to losses for both sides. Tenant is forced to pay agents and often loses the deposit, and the landlord loses the income for the period to find new suitable tenants.

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