How to rent an apartment is more expensive?

20.01.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | How to rent an apartment is more expensive? The rental market is very developed, rent an apartment and get a decent cash increase - a simple task. However, you always want to get the maximum benefit. Rent - a widespread and highly profitable phenomenon. For many it is a good tool to the salary or pension. The easiest way to pass the inexpensive one-bedroom apartment , such proposals fly like hotcakes. However, none of the owners do not want to sell too cheap , so the question of the proper amount of rent Chamber is always relevant . How to determine the fair market rental rate of his apartment ? Anna Moses, head of real estate agency Home Staging, advised to consult an experienced real estate agent , as different boards, and sometimes Internet sites distort the market . The mistake in the rental rate can lead to a simple apartment for a month or even longer , and this is a real loss is quite noticeable amount. So, it is necessary to know the average cost of rent in the city , it will objectively evaluate the market and establish the optimal rental price .

Of course, every landlord wants to rent an apartment is more expensive. However, it is worth remembering that one desires here little apartment should cost money requested . Size lease consists of many factors : the location and type of home floor area of ​​the apartment , number of rooms, layout, condition of the apartment , especially the plumbing , the availability of home appliances and furniture required . But there is always a chance to increase the amount of rent , improving rented accommodation. And it's not that hard to do . Anna Moses advises primarily impose order in the apartment , make extra and personal belongings , put the necessary furniture and appliances, hang curtains , eliminate unpleasant odors. Second, you can pay attention to the road, even if the missing screw bulb. In addition, it is desirable to make good photos of apartments and proper advertising , as well as to correctly determine the target audience.

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It is considered that the repair is able to raise the rent. Certainly add repair apartment appeal, but do not make expensive repairs, hoping in the panel house on the outskirts of the city pass " rich apartment " at the price of luxury in the center. Should always consider the location of the house, its condition and year of construction . And the main thing here is not ceiling moldings and gilding pervasive and generosity, unity of style , calm neutral tones , as well as durability and otmyvaemost all elements.

More modest apartments also benefit from repair, just is not worth it to invest a lot of money , hoping to return. Any action must be reasonable, we should not forget about the rational approach . That is why before any repairs , determine to whom and for how much you are going to take shelter .

Head of leasing company " NDV-estate" Julia Lukin noted that expensive repairs - a common mistake among the owners who want to recoup their expenses , overstating the rental rate . Not everything is so rosy , as the high rents may simply lead to idle apartment.

Tips for those who dream profitable to rent an apartment :

Repair is required, the appropriate target audience tenants.
The apartment must be necessary appliances: stove, oven , refrigerator, washing machine, TV . If your apartment is not economy class, there may already need and air conditioning, and a dishwasher.
Of furniture needed kitchen, kitchen table with chairs , hall, wardrobe , Sleeps (by tenants) . The more beds , the more you can rent an apartment , but it will wear more. Throw old things better , they never look attractive in the eyes of tenants .
The interior should be universal . Any pronounced style narrows those interested in your room.
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