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Articles about real estate | How to rent an apartment and do not fly? Strong growth in property prices has formed an entirely new market rent. He became much more offers - varied, and the portrait of a traditional tenant is difficult to describe in few words.
It may be a leader of high rank, and a family with three children, and known throughout the country pop star - and all these people are those without their own property. However, most apartments remove the young - up to 35-40 people, childless or with one child, a lot of work, who came to the big city in his youth.

When a person is going to rent a house for the first time, the market responds with a diversified intermediaries. Internet is full of ads. Direct appeal to the agent with the words "please do not disturb" does not work: it seems that they are everywhere. It is quite possible that what you're looking for in the open just wasting a lot of hours and eventually the money will still incur the agent.

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But the option to rent an apartment directly there! Engage your profiles in social networks, ask your friends - this is a sure way to achieve the goal. You can help friends who were themselves recently in your position: in social networks are the real base addresses, which are updated synchronously with the changes to agency databases, or even earlier. Landlords tend to get themselves into these lists to rent an apartment as soon as possible without losing money every day "downtime."

In his address to the agent has its advantages: your choice of a lot more, and legal protection - above. Remember that the conditions under which agents are professional, over the past 5 years have not changed: with you still take 100% of the cost. No fees can be removed except elite apartment - in this case it involved the surrender exclusive agent, who pays the landlord. Also, the commission may be reduced (for example, up to 50%), if the agent is working with colleagues and can share the "Agents" - a fact that led the tenant. But on the whole takmi proposals should be taken cautiously, especially if for no commission shall be the most common apartment.

A common variant is: there is a network of apartment for rent at the rate significantly below market. This may be motivated by the need for urgent delivery, offer directly from the owner, etc. But try to suppress the urge to immediately part with their money, but profitable to rent an apartment. Such suggestions - always a catch. It makes no sense to sell tradable commodities at half price, even if in a hurry to get rid of - the modern technology of communication will ensure the flow of willing in a few minutes.

The Times ad, written in neat handwriting checkered sheet of paper are long gone. Recommend you refrain from calling for paper ads plastered in subway and train stations. In this case, the issue is not only financial, but personal safety.

Many people who want to rent an apartment, does not adequately assess their own financial resources. Be honest to yourself - are you ready to give a month from 300 to 3000 USD depending on the quality of the property and places of residence? In this note, we are talking about the economy class housing. At the time of the contract in your possession should be the sum of three times - the commission to the agent, the payment of the first and last months rent. If your answer is - "no", then rent a room, it will be cheaper, but will require a moral willingness to live in the same area with the neighbors or the owners of the apartment.

Under no circumstances do not pay rent apartments to its inspection. During this process, be careful, test the plumbing work, damage to valves, switches, panels, TV. Together draw up the documents, which indicate the identified problems - so it will be easier to avoid unnecessary expenses and conflicts in the future.

If possible, talk to neighbors. "Pleasant, quiet people" can be expressive lovers of alcohol and noisy night parties. The promised "five minute walk from the subway station" worth checking out on their own - very often the owners, wanting to raise the rent, knowingly permit any inaccuracy, reducing the actual time the road from the subway home.

Going to see the apartment, take a look around: if you can buy food late at night? Is there a nearby post office, market, bank branch? During the inspection did not hesitate to pay attention to the shortcomings of the home, if they are real and significant to you. This can help reduce the cost of the lease.

Sometimes you can bargain for one or two thousand, specifying in advance the question of payment of municipal services. If you are determined to save, you must obtain the consent of the owner to include these costs in return for accommodation. It is not always the owners are willing to make such concessions. Then you can ask for slight: to consider as part of rent paid for electricity and telephone service. Feel free to bargain and to impose conditions - because if you do not even try to take into account their interests, property owners and their agents just will not do.

Of great importance when choosing an apartment is the time of the year: so in the summer of options to choose from more apartments, and prices lower. The closer to the school year, the number of options become less and price increases. It is difficult to find a good apartment at the right price before the holidays (part of the owners left the city, and part rents their home for rent). And, of course, wanting to rent an apartment, it is best to reserve enough time for an informed choice, and sometimes to find a suitable option may take a month or so. And if you liked the apartment and you are satisfied - it must be taken immediately.

If you are renting an apartment through an intermediary, in the agency, as a rule, there are several variants of standard contract. When a person is trying to rent a house on their own, sometimes the owners do not offer documents. This is more than risky, because in such a case, your rights are in no way protected. It happens that after a recent verbal agreement happy tenants are on the street.

Must enter into a lease agreement, regardless of the presence of a mediator. And the declaration for a notary is not required. In a typical embodiment of the contract, you can register items that apply only to your relationship with the owners of the apartment, for example, the installation of your windows, glass in payment for an apartment, the replacement plate or small plumbing repairs, if necessary. Also in the contract it is important to prescribe a period during which you definitely plan to rent this house: otherwise there is nothing to prevent the owner to sell so hard you have found and equipped apartment as soon as the buyer, or rent it to others wishing to have a much more expensive.

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