How to recognize unscrupulous realtor

13.12.2013 00:30
Articles about real estate | How to recognize unscrupulous realtor Nowadays rare real estate cost without a realtor, who must release the customer from a number of tedious procedures and ensure the reliability of the transaction. However, blindly trust agent issues estate still not worth it , as in the ranks of professionals will always be willing to cheat the customer if not , then play on his carelessness in their favor.

reason to guard

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Of course, recognize the catch from the realtor and catch him in the "evil game" quite difficult, because the professional realtor acts decisively and confidently , using the fact that his knowledge of the material greatly exceed client knowledge . However, some signs must still make a person some doubts , and to consider whether it is worth more to trust the specialist or even the company he represents.

Thus, according to the head of the secondary branch of the company " ABC Housing " Andrew Bannikova such signs four. First, the client should be alerted mismatch action realtor they signed written commitments or non-compliance , he said. Second, suspicion and causes serious undervaluation realtor services than its competitors . "Most likely, you will be charged hidden fees " - warns expert. Thirdly, it should be wary of the realtor who represents both the interests of the other party to the transaction , as in this case, the desire to get a commission from both sides will be a priority over the interests of the client , explains Bannikov . And finally, fourth , very suspicious if the realtor always discussing financial matters with the counterparty in the absence of a major customer , as in the bargaining process and can just float hidden commission , he warns.

List signs of bad faith continues realtor sales manager buildings VSN Realty Valentine Klishina . According to her , the client should be wary if begin to restrict his freedom of action , for example, do not show the apartment when he wants it to look, and while watching hurry , do not show all the rooms, make it impossible to read the documents for real estate. " We should also consider the fact that the apartment can cost 20% cheaper than the market value ," - she said. This may indicate that either with the apartment or the documents wrong .

But Natalia Kozlova draws attention to the fact that until now there are times when buyers sign some " not very important " documents without reading them . "This can be done in any case can not - you are responsible for your signature in any case , have you read the document or not " - reminds the agency interlocutor . So no need to go on about the realtor if he does not hurry or time for consultation with a lawyer. It can also be made specifically for that client would have missed some important detail.

Psychology trick

In some cases, and may alert the agent's behavior . "All Realtors taught how to build communication with the client , including the use of certain psychological techniques . Professionals use it to establish a relationship of trust to " listen and hear " the client 's expectations of cooperation, and fraudsters - to mislead " - explains Kozlov.

Therefore determine for sure , the fraudster to you or not, is almost impossible. However , as noted by the companion agency , if the realtor " Julita ," goes the answer, says a lot , not being considered responsible directly to the question , then it is a reason to doubt his integrity.

"Sometimes too much attention is paid to some minor details of the transaction , the discussion which you are trying to hide the really important stuff . Example , the discussion of which of the parties will be kept from the deposit box key , can " zamylit " the need for the conditions of access to cell verification that all tenants will be removed from the register " - warns Bannikov .

It happens that excessive friendliness and warmth of communication realtor allows him to take uncomfortable written commitments , leaving everything in the form of oral " flowery " promises that evaporate quickly and are forgotten , the expert adds .

Play against the client

According to sources , there is a list of things that a realtor must do for their client in any case , otherwise the "purity" of his work can be safely put into question .

" The basic rule - in the deal the agency must defend the interests of his client. Ultimately this and employ it " - says CEO of real estate agency " space" Sergei Sayapin .

He also warns that if during the preparation of the transaction or when it is actively conducting realtor goes to meet the other party or not defending the interests of its main customer in full, it may indicate a hidden interest in a transaction to which the client is not known. "It is detrimental to your interests as a client , and in this case should not be afraid to suspend such relationships to ascertain the whole situation ," - instructs Sayapin .

The main task of the realtor - fully clarify all issues related to the transaction with the customer to take it apart to detail and make sure that both parties understand thoroughly all adds in turn Kozlov. Although, according to Bannikova , realtor is not required to " prevention and education ," the other side. " This does not mean cheating counterparty task realtor achieve the result that the client planned to get included in the deal ," - says the agency.

But his client realtor shall notify all the risks of entering into a particular transaction . It happens that the agent recommends the customer does not buy any particular apartment , and the client , knowing all the risks , yet it buys , says Bannikov . In this case, the realtor should minimize the possibility of the occurrence of adverse circumstances for the client by compiling additional documents and insurance risks , he said.

control charging

Finding your way in the pricing of services to help Realtors comparative analysis . The most reliable way , according Kozlova, do not be lazy and call several agencies and ask how this or that service is worth from them.

But to understand the structure of the prices of individual services to a client will not be easy . The fact that the price of real estate companies is often a matter shrouded in mystery, because in some cases the cost of services is determined individually , and not on the basis of the approved price list notes Sayapin . Expert advises prospective participants to real estate transactions work with those companies who openly publish on their websites and service fees parameters that determine their value.

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