How to protect yourself from trick when buying a house?

03.10.2010 14:30
The number of buyers suburban real estate is growing day by day, in passing, and multiplies the number of correctly executed transactions and common mistakes. Today the "owner" will tell about what documents you need to ask the seller and what mistakes most buyers make suburban housing.<br /><br />"The seller's eyes were honest," "He showed the authorization form", "It was my cousin's best friend" ... Which only "weighty" arguments do not hear from deceived customers suburban real estate! But most of the trouble is due to the neglect of elementary rules, due to ignorance of the basics. What points should be borne in mind in order not to be trapped?<br /><br /><strong>Which rake come twice</strong><br /><br />Of all the basic rules of buying a country house most often neglected by two - relating to the ownership of land and homes. Shoppers forget to make sure that the rights of property of the seller of the land and house properly designed and registered. "Unfortunately, the situation when home buyers close their eyes to the fact that the land belongs to the seller is not in ownership and, say, the right of lifetime inheritable donation - explains the head of the Legal Department of Real Estate Agency" Status "Natalia Titkova. - In such a situation the law does not allow the new owner to dispose of this site, for example, then sell it, and besides, the contract for the sale of the house on such a site may simply not register. "<br /><br />Characterized by the opposite situation. Buyer agrees to purchase a home through the execution of the sale of the land on which this house is located. Since the house is not decorated by the seller and is not registered, it shall be considered unauthorized construction, and register it with the new owners will not work. At least, without nerves, vessels and long years of ordeal by the relevant State authorities.<br /><br />Well, with regard to fraud in transactions with the country real estate, the most common of these is the sale of land and houses on fake power of attorney. "By acquiring suburban real estate under power of attorney, you should always check first, the authenticity of the notary, and secondly, the reality of the principal - warns Natalia Titkova. - Here you need to contact the trustee and to check whether he is alive, whether or not grant a power of attorney, for whatever reason, and so on. "<br /><strong><br />We look at the documents</strong><br /><br />In a word, no matter how honest and attach either a seller, how hard you its not recommended good friends, in no case should not be ignored documents in the house and land. It is mandatory when buying a suburban property requires the following set of documents:<br /><br />Documents of title to the house. This certificate of state registration of ownership of the house and the act of acceptance committee of acceptance in the operation of the completed project, if the house was built directly to the seller. Or the documents proving the ownership of the seller, which arose for other reasons (the contract of sale, gift, exchange, certificate of inheritance certificate of state registration of rights).<br /><br />Technical passport of homeownership. It represents a single document, which includes: a plan of land, the explication of the area of land, a description of buildings and structures, the appointment of the technical condition and value of buildings and structures. A document issued by the regional BTI at the location of real estate and must be stamped respective BTI.<br /><br />Technical passport of a building (structure) with the floor plans for each building, located on the site.<br /><br />Extract from the house of the book. If the house is suitable for permanent residence (permanent residence), it requires an extract from the house of books registered in this area faces. Even if the buyer does not intend to register the premises being purchased, the extract will show whether he is buying a property with the encumbrance in the form of a family of five.<br /><br />Documents of title to land, confirming the ownership of this site. At this point the potential buyer should pay special attention. The land on which the house must be the seller not only properly designed, but must be owned. "We need to identify exactly the right property, not a right of permanent (perpetual) or lifetime inheritable possession of the seller to the specified area", - says Natalya Titkova. This requires documentation such as: certificate of state registration of property rights, contract of sale (donation, a certificate of inheritance). As well as documents obtained from privatization of land: orders chief of staff to provide part of the property ownership certificate on the site.<br /><br /><em></em><br />
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