How to protect yourself from thieves in the country house?

07.12.2010 20:05
Anecdote, of course, with a long beard. But to this day is relevant. Autumn night a man knocking at the outermost house: "Tell me, you need firewood?" "No, I do not need", "meet him awakened at night vacationers. Morning wake up and see that all the wood stockpiled for the winter, have disappeared. Talking to the fact that winter comes, with the beginning which is always active thieves vacationers.<br /><br /><strong>Statistics and the police know ... almost all</strong><br /><br />According to statistics, every other citizen has, if not a country cottage, a small suburban area, where on weekends recalls his peasant origins. Only one thing worried about urban farming: in the absence of host someone else to gather the harvest, will penetrate into the house, and if you do not expose the yard dwelling ruins, so will take away garden tools and the most necessary things.<br /><br />If the city has one chance in two burglar caught, the horticultural associations and cottage communities that chance is close to almost zero. Alas, to the police sometimes do not make much sense.<br /><br />The same omniscient statistics show that every second home owner in a cottage or garden plot ever, and anything found ourselves short. Whether it's padded jacket, a kettle, a pillow or mattress. And it often happens so, that will disappear from the face of the earth "and very giving. Homeless people, if there is no stove in the hut, have a habit to make a fire directly on the floor.<br /><br />The police officers claim that the detection holiday thefts each year is growing. However, it increases the number of thefts themselves. In Moscow, for example, at the beginning of the two thousandth only during winter was recorded about two thousand cottages "breaking and entering." And every year, this figure only increased by two or three hundred crimes.<br /><br />At the regional police, however, as in the capital, announced "Operation-mesyachniki. Press Service is proud to announce that during the operation "Cottage" was revealed 280 crimes, and nearly a hundred of them "hot pursuit". Do not forget the essential addition alleged that an operation has helped to identify several criminal groups have committed serial theft.<br /><br />Only it is not clear what is to be proud of - your surgery? But this is normal police work. It turns out that if not for "Month", then walked to thieves vacationers at large and to this day. And the figures provided by the law enforcement services, to be honest, is not impressive. In the same suburbs rob and steal from giving a ten, and perhaps a hundred times higher than witnessed in police bulletins. And because the owners and have their own take steps to preserve their property.<br /><br />Ongoing fighting between the owners of cottages, gardens and thieves, summer residents are serious. And in the winter and summer. Not for nothing has been born anecdote: in your garden for cabbages climb some goats, do not say wicked words, do not swear, and give them better in Kocani ... But with all my heart!<br /><br /><strong>Where, when and who</strong><br />And if summer dacha trades theft, so to speak, to feed, in the winter months, robbing houses, dismantle and carry away the greenhouse roof cottage buildings, removed from the vending door hinges, cut off hundreds of meters of electric wires in areas of gardening partnerships.<br /><br />Two elderly women, a neighbor on the country sites, installed on their gardens, frightened, in order to protect the chickens, he attacks the crows. Encased in old buildings jackets, pants, hats. What do you think? Waking up in the morning, a neighbor discovered that both were completely naked scarecrow. On one of them only stayed a hat full of holes. It is clear that this was the handiwork of local homeless people that night did not disdain to haul all that is bad or good growing.<br /><br />Specialists indicate that most are robbed cottages, which are located closer to the city. Farther from the center, the less theft. More poking in suburban townships rather than in villages. This is understandable: in the dacha cooperative in the winter months, unlike the village, often in the homes of anyone living. Often, even the guards do not. Yes, and whether the guard, usually in advanced years, to frighten a group of criminals, thieves? Even half-drunken bums ...<br /><br />However, this is not an axiom. In times of economic crisis are famously stolen and in nearby suburban towns, and in the future. In the nearby "Marafet" suggest urban lumpens; in the future - people from nearby villages.<br /><br />Police officers share the holiday thieves into several categories. The first group decided to refer the homeless and vagrants, who, in addition to your problem, and spend some nowhere. And when you consider that any kind of transport, this category is free of charge and at any time of day and night, winter and summer, they may be subjected to raids as a problem far from the city, as well as a few tens of kilometers. Vagabonds and vagrants in a fancy luxury house does not climb: there and alarm, and a few blood-thirsty sheep dogs, and even in the winter estate of the wealthy often do not skimp on maintenance workers and security guards. And here is a small unguarded house them at the time. Free access to the hut - the basic principle that underlies the looting.<br /><br />To get inside, you can break the window, pick open the lock, and if not break the door off its hinges. It is no secret that these houses are selected for the winter. Well, if suddenly nagryanuvshy through snowdrifts master finds that the summer dwelling habitable uninvited guests, and take action, it does not matter: unfortunate vagrant go further, of course, taking everything of value that may be in the house. Not pobrezguet and household items that can be useful for living in a basement or sanitation compartment. Employees of local ATS note that damage caused by vagrants negligible.<br /><br />The second niche holiday thieves and Reapers busy migrant workers, those whom you have entrusted to six months ago, construction of a roof or an entire house. The reasons for the attempt on your poor belongings can be very different: from "just" because neither eat nothing or nowhere to live, to vengeance. The only important thing to remember how many times between the master builders of the house and visiting a quarrel arose whether all the specified amounts were paid in full, how to deal with the working owner. The reason for the "swoop" may be a fact, if the thieves knew the guest workers, or have an idea, the places where the owners kept the money and valuables. To find and bring to justice those vagrants theft virtually impossible.<br /><br />Third, as a rule, from local, attracted not fork and rake, and the aluminum cup and fork, wire and garden accessories made from ferrous metals. These, if so go out hunting, look not in one house. And often there were times when he came in the spring hosts throng discussed on a country road-metal thieves invasion. Because the time to visit the "guests" they're almost everyone.<br /><br />If the suburban house was turned on its head, it can be assumed that it was visited or drug addicts, or The kids. The latter do not feed bread - give pobezobraznichat. Fans of buzz, in addition to what will induce confusion, and even pull out all more or less valuable, that can be sold or exchanged for another dose of the drug. Particularly suffer from teenage gardeners, whose plots are located near the rural vocational schools or orphanages.<br /><br />And the fifth category of police officers include truckers professionals. At this point, no matter how Strengthen doors and windows, locks are not sticking, will not help. Cottager-specials not stop panel house or luxury villa in front of the dogs and servants. In this case, a professional thief-cottager at random will not do, and if you do and pick an object, then drive up to his car, and to penetrate uses all the best tools and technical adaptations: from jacking up the device to disable alarm. Police recorded cases of robbed houses of good exported by truck. And not one. Private gardener soothes just one thing: the object of interest of professionals are usually rich mansions and cottages. In this case, the thieves did not matter how far they are removed from the city. Although the preference still given to those that are located at a distance from settlements.<br /><br />A funny incident occurred in the suburbs, where staff Orekhovo-Zuevo ATC caught the thief-Stakhanovets that day managed to ransack private homes of 3-4. For over three winter months the offender has committed more than six dozen burglaries. Moreover, small shields and uninhabited dachku attacker is not interested - only capital at home. "Worked" it only in the morning. Morning hired a taxi and went to "hunt". Did not disdain to nothing: no blankets, no dishes, no power tools. Brushed hut hustler cottager again getting into a taxi and went home.<br /><br /><strong>Where to go, whom to complain</strong><br /><br />What if after all you were robbed? Should I worry about this militia? Many owners of gardens only with a heavy sigh accepted for glazing broken windows, inserting a new door lock, believing that the visit to the police nothing. Although high militia bosses (not to be confused with ordinary operas and detectives who have to not only investigate cases of embezzlement from the suburban areas, but also to report on crime detection) assures that the information on naproshennyh away even the most necessary for the police. Because in many areas in police databases exist for thieves gardeners. And those who are in this business are constantly trades, law enforcement officers are well aware.<br /><br />Typically, this is the local villages, and, as a rule, they all have their own personal handwriting thieves. Some are hunted only for gardening tools, others - for of household belongings, others are just for food. Fourth take all of that in their opinion, bad lies. So, the handwriting local policemen and determine who could visit your site.<br /><br />Therefore, arriving at the police need not only to meticulously write the statement, when and what was stolen, that broke, but always make sure that your signal is passed to the action, organized by the investigation. In compiling the list of stolen should not be squeamish trifles. The fact that the "small fry" in the form of a kerosene lamp may come to the market area, where dreams come criminals and stolen goods to which both look like detectives.<br /><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br />
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