How to evaluate the land?

10.12.2013 00:30
Articles about real estate | How to properly evaluate the site? According to experts, today 80% of the cost of land for sale, greatly exaggerated. Most often, this price is for only a desire to the seller, but does not correspond to the market. To avoid this error , follow the advice of experts.

Location and structure

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Location of the land and the presence on it of certain buildings is the most important factor that affects pricing. It is these parameters , according to experts , form 70 % of the cost of ownership of a country , while 40 % comes from the location , and 30% on the quality of construction . However, such a distribution may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the object . " Not always the location shall prevail : quality " distant " cottage, suitable for year-round , will compete with ease Camping located in 30 km . zone , - says Igor Bykovskii, corporate vice president of Realtors "Megapolis -Service ." - Price in this case be approximately the same. It happens that the building, located on a site affects the price reduction of bargaining . " For example , the old panel-frame house , located in a good PT near the roundabout itself will not be of value . Most likely , the new owner decides to demolish the house , and the demolition and removal of debris will cost a round sum .

The size and shape

The size and shape of the plot are also important . With the size of everything is clear: the larger the area , the higher the price . Nobody is surprised that the price of 6 and 12 acres in a dacha cooperative differs . But with the form is not always so simple , there may be points of contention . "The owner right rectangular plot hardly makes sense to set a higher price than the neighbor sells land triangular shape, - says Igor Bykovskii . - This refers to the difference of more than 10-15% . With a shortage of funds choice is made in favor of a cheaper station. "

Permits for use of land

Permitted use of the land plot uniquely generates object target audience . "If the land category and permitted use of the buyer is not suitable, such land was not originally considered , - says Igor Bykovskii . - In addition, you can change the type of use , provided that it is not contrary to the law . " In addition, the type of use affects the price .

Ownership documents

This also affects cost . Lack of legal documents unambiguously leads to lower prices at times, and sometimes to the abandonment of the deal. Lack of documentation for the buyer is very dangerous , it can be without money and cottages . However, sometimes the buyer is still interested in buying . For example, the site is located in a good location , and documents have been only partially. Must be brought before the end of the procedure of registration is in their own name . Moreover , such a situation - a reason to demand a discount.


Seasonality should not affect the cost of suburban land . Sometimes sellers raise prices in the spring , thinking that this is the peak buying summer houses , but this is misleading. As a result , the object is sold for a long time and still have to lower the price . Experts note that it happened this spring , spring calendar had no effect on the purchases , the market stood until until the snow melted .

Using these tips, you will be able to effectively evaluate their land and not to raise expectations. But there are times when the site does not sell ! "First, unresolved disputes over borders - lists Igor Bykovskii . - It makes no sense to offer for sale this plot, unless of course , this fact does not hide the current owner . Secondly, the land can not be sold if it falls into the zone of interests of local authorities , for example, in the territory planned road construction, large industrial , commercial facilities or planned mass residential development . Location of the site in an environmentally disadvantaged area near the garbage dump , power lines, hazardous industries also will not cause interest among buyers . " But there are still areas that can always be profitable to sell . It should be a large plot on the first line of the lake, surrounded on all sides by forest , perhaps in an impasse , through which no one goes . All communications should also be summarized . Furthermore , it may be disposed on the slide , and having specific characteristics . And the price of land depends on the environment.
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