How to properly carry out surveying the land?

08.10.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | How to properly carry out surveying the land? Many cottagers are familiar disputes arising from the determination of land boundaries, but simply put, because of the questionable location of a neighbor's fence. Often the unlucky owners of land parcels have with rulers in hand to defend their case. However, there are more good reasons to survey the land, than the "extra 20 inches of hozbloka neighborhood." This material - that in some cases, a survey of land, which opens the possibility of this procedure and how to conduct it properly.

Surveying of land includes a set of works to establish, restore and consolidate on the ground land boundaries, the definition of its location and size. Survey includes both technical and legal procedures, which resulted in the boundaries are established and approved (the coordinates of the boundaries) landed property holdings through special acts and signs. Survey is usually carried out during the formation of a new site (for example, providing a citizen of the state land area or section of the site) or to clarify the boundaries of an existing site.

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Weave for free and other bonuses

It turns out that surveying the land - it is also free to obtain additional sq.m. to the existing site. After surveying allows legalize actually used by square footage or weave, which is particularly interesting for owners of expensive land. To expand the boundaries specified in the landmark case is not original, but the actual size of the plot. However, increasing the land area to be agreed with the neighbors and do not exceed the limits established by local authorities. As a rule, added to the original site to six acres.

True this holidays are over and starts gray days - usually require surveying sites for less than enjoyable, but more prosaic reasons. For example, a survey is necessary if the sharing of parts made of one part (eger, inheritance) are not satisfied with the new owners.

Also, survey was needed if the location or boundaries of land not specifically defined. In the old certificates of land ownership often did not indicate the exact address of the site (eg "740 meters to the south-east of the house No. 9 Village Khrushchev") and its accurate measurement (eg "20 to 30 meters with a total area of ​​600 square meters. m "), and in the new cadastre can not find old data on the boundaries of the land. The result is that the only evidence of ownership rights is a fence, but the court did not bring it.

Cases and situations, when time plot gets complicated form, which does not allow to define an area without special measurements. For instance, neighbors have changed the boundaries on the one hand the site, on the other hand began to pass highway, with a third - a young forest has grown, becoming a full-fledged forest land. In this situation, "invasion" on his site better promezhevat.

In fact, survey and need to carry out legal transactions with the site - the transfer by inheritance, sale, lease or other. If the survey is not conducted, the cadastral passport section in the column special stamp will be written "frontage is not installed in accordance with the requirements of the land legislation." No violation of the law of this phrase does not flow - there is a site, and have its limits - but for some officials it might be a good excuse to obstruct when you make transactions.

In general, the survey of land - a modern method of determining geodetic land borders in the horizontal plane, resulting in the owner receives the electronic coordinates of the corner points of the site that looks much more convincing than the measurement of the fence roulettes.

To carry out surveying the land owner to sign an agreement with a specialized semleustroitelnoy organization and prepare a package of documents which includes the title document (certificate of land ownership, the decision on granting the land, the certificate of inheritance, the legal act establishing the right to land), a copy of the passport holder of land, power of attorney authorized representative (If the documents provides a trustee). Other documents prepare land management organization.

The process and outcome

Survey includes a number of works performed by a specialized organization of land use. These works include:

- The collection and study of the state land cadastre information about the site, evidence supporting the right to land, geodetic datum, address, owners of adjacent land;

- Preparation of technical design, which is made in accordance with the task to survey lands;

- Notice to persons whose rights may be affected during the subdivision;

- Defining the bounds of land on the ground (or the property line with earlier obmeryayutsya surviving plans and drawings, if none, then the words of the owner of the site), their agreement (prepared by an act of matching the borders with its neighbors) and the consolidation of land-marks;

- Surveying, determination of the coordinates of landmarks;

- Identification of area subject land;

- Mapping (plan) of an object or a land card (plan) of land boundaries of the object;

As a result of land management activities on surveying the land owner must obtain surveying business in duplicate. One copy shall be in the archive, the second is the owner and is conclusive proof of the procedure subdivision.

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