How to properly assess the flat when viewed?

19.10.2010 08:08
Articles about real estate | How to properly assess the flat when viewed? Surely each of us stood before choosing a new apartment. In the construction assets "there are some rules for assessing the future of housing. So, in order not to err in the correct choice of purchase, offer to draw attention to some aspects before a financial transaction.

1. Inspect the apartment only during daylight. The sun's rays will shed light on the actual condition of the premises and the area where the house is located. Accordingly, if the sellers do not agree to bring home during the daytime, so there's something "not pure."
Experts recommend viewing the future of housing in the first half of the day, because at this time you can see the whole range of surrounding apartment buildings and districts as a whole.

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2. Pay attention to local infrastructure: pre-school and educational institutions, shops, supermarkets, cafes, sport facilities, clinic, pharmacy, etc. Will also not be more than familiar with the residents entrance, make a little poll to get acquainted with the "contingent". For subsequent analysis, it is better to make a couple of notes about what they saw and heard ...

3. Curious about the general environment, you can raise the issue of improvement the surrounding area, cleaning the entrance, the work of housing department, the state house in the heating season, repairs, cosmetic finishes, etc.

Conclusion: "do not bite your elbows" when buying an apartment, inspect all the nooks of future housing, critically evaluate it and present the possibility of making further adjustments. Try to demonstrate analytical skills and be vigilant! So exactly how you should live in this apartment.
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