How to properly and profitably invest in the cottage?

02.01.2020 01:00
Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko shared portal tips on how to properly and most profitable to invest in real estate acquisition in the cottage. The expert said, what qualities should an object to its investment appeal grew from season to season. 1. Location

Correctly chosen direction - a kind of solid foundation that, subject to basic laws of investing primarily affects the increase in the price and liquidity of the house. Investment attractiveness of direction by the following factors: it must have good infrastructure and good transport accessibility. To date, these parameters correspond Obukhov, Odessa, Zhitomir, and Irpen Vyshgorod direction.

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2. Readiness

Of course, purchasing an unfinished object is associated with increased risk, but there is nothing that affects the growth rates in the cottage as building fences, laying roads and an intra-communication. And if the roads and fence raise the price of houses at 7-10%, then all communication carried out immediately increase the cost of the project by 20-30%.

Nevertheless, the current economic situation, we recommend to enter the draft, when the settlement has already been built, but does not yet have a final look. In this case, the buyer objectively assess that cost for the developer left a bit and he will be able to complete the project on time. In this cottage will be sold at a price still unfinished object.

Another thing: despite the high stage of readiness of an investment, you need to very carefully monitor the work does not stop there in the village and a good pace they go.

3. River, forest, lake. Ecology

When selecting investment targets should not "bite" only on its value, even if it is below the market. In an interesting purchase of investment literacy should not only be the price. For example, if the main value of the settlement lies in the fact that it is located in the Obukhov direction, that make sense to buy it there. Ideally, in an investment must have a unique natural environment, for example, the proximity of a forest or lake. Last but not least the role played by environmental component. Otstutstvie landfills, industrial plants, farms, noisy roads will affect your choice. This property will always be in the price.

4. Uniformity of construction

All that gives the village a finished look, improves its investment appeal. And vice versa - anything that introduces uncertainty and affect the integrity of the concept, it decreases. Villages concept without seriously losing in the final result. In these villages one can often find classic Russian hut of logs, adjacent to the brick mansion in the English style. We recommend to be avoided projects with disparate architectures, because damage from the neighboring houses nonconceptual that may appear within a year or two, will be unpredictable.

5. Classic style

The interesting architecture of the house or modern interiors are not significant factors in the investment purchase, since losing their relevance in two or three years. In addition, pronounced "looks" at home reduces its liquidity of finding such an object to a new host is much more difficult, because most buyers adhere to conservative views. When choosing an investment-attractive object, we recommend to give preference to eternal values. For example, a house with round windows like some, with a flat roof - many, with pine trees on the site - everything.

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Victor Kovalenko
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