How to promote the construction company on the internet?

01.01.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | How to promote the construction company on the internet? How to promote the brand in a highly competitive, as the sphere of real estate? Details about the most effective Internet marketing tool tells Sergei coir, Director of Internet Marketing "Lenvendo." Social networks - to choose a platform

Undeniable trend that is gradually mastered and construction companies . It is important to understand that the social ecosystem - is not another advertising platform . You can not just put the money into the account of an advertising campaign and enjoy the influx of customers. Marketing in social networks will require a daily, hourly, attention and involvement of employees.

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In social networks on the first place content on its formation out most of the time . If there is not enough private information, you can publish and comment on the news on your topic from other sources ( for the real estate industry it may be ideas interior design finds , ideas, interior decoration , planning , progress of construction work, etc. ) . Be sure to interact with the audience : to respond promptly to questions, suggestions, to resolve conflicts . Carried out in various group activities ( contests , promotions ) .

It is important to choose the right resources used by your target audience , and direct activity on them. The most effective option - cross-platform approach - that is a combination of several sites. Such options work well , " VKontakte » + Instagram + Twitter; Facebook + Foursquare + Instagram + Youtube.

For example, declare on the page "VKontakte" contest for the best idea on the design of the kitchen for a country cottage . Encourage users to post photos to Instagram under your unique tag. Summing up the results again on the page "VKontakte" .

Another option promotion in social networks - is running your own channel on Youtube. As the content can be branding spots on your property , as well as various training videos involving specialists . Topics may be very different: what to look for when buying a cottage, both to decorate the room , etc.

Very interesting site - is Foursquare. Especially suitable for housing under construction and suburban real estate . Geotag your object , and then spend the various marketing activities . Alternatively, you can offer a nice bonus and discounts to those who often Chekini , posts photos from the site and leave feedback. Attention users safeguard their personal interest during construction .

Squeeze out all mediyki

Perhaps the most popular tool for the real estate industry . For many media advertising - this is only an image tool, although today it is increasingly seeking to context . Mediyka provides flexibility for targeting ( geographical , socio-demographic characteristics , frequency display , etc.). Some of the most interesting technologies that we would recommend to use in the construction industry - is retargeting , RTB, behavioral technology.

Excellent works in real estate . The bottom line is that the user " haunted " banners company whose site he visited earlier. Constant reminder increases the chances of committing a target action.

behavioral technology
Messages are displayed only target users selected based on their online behavior . Each page has its own set of tags , such as " new ", " gated ", " second homes ", etc. For each user visiting the page , fixed some chain tags, which give detailed information about it (sex, age , interests, income level , etc.). In accordance with these characteristics occurs Targeted display advertising .

technology RTB
Auctions banners in real time. RTB allows you to show the target user 's interests only relevant advertising.

Search engine marketing : attracting traffic to your site

Basic tools of search engine marketing - SEO and PPC advertising - more effective in conjunction than in isolation . SEO ( search engine optimization) gives a large target audience and the long-term effect of the campaign at a low cost . Unconsciously you trust organic results of search engines - this advantage tool. But there is a negative - effect of work on search engine promotion will only appear in one or two months. When planning , it is important not to forget that SEO-promotion need to maintain constantly , otherwise the higher position in the search results will take someone else .

In parallel with SEO recommended to run contextual advertising . That it will be the supplier of the target audience , while the site is gaining weight in search engines, and will also support the influx of people are already while in the top issue .

Analyze and experiment
Many tools , each has its advantages . It is important to remember that before you start the campaign is necessary to conduct preliminary work : detailed study of the market , the consumer. Need to consider not only the socio-demographic characteristics , but also what resources he visits as he is active in social networks , etc. Even on the basis of the results of analytical work are building strategy brand presence on the internet and choose the channels of promotion .

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