How to privatize the land under the house with the two owners?

03.01.2011 15:04
Articles about real estate | How to privatize the land under the house with the two owners?  In accordance with Art. 40, pp. "D" of Part 1, Art. 121 of the Land Code of Ukraine in the property of citizens may be freely transferred (privatized) Land for construction and maintenance of residential houses and commercial buildings and structures (aka yard) in the following amounts: in the villages of no more than 0,25 hectares, in villages not more than 0,15 hectares, and in the cities of less than 0.1 ha.

If each of the hosts is the sole owner of his house as a single unit of inventory (in other words, its ownership is confirmed by a separate legal documents, part of the house is registered in the BTI as a separate household, and has a technical certificate), the privatization of land managed in a sole proprietor in the manner prescribed by Art. 123 LC Ukraine, wrote Money.

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The owner of homeownership turns into the village council, a statement authorizing the drafting of land allocation, after receiving permission by a specialized organization to develop, and the authorized bodies of executive power is coordinated project ROW, which is approved by the decision of village council session on the free transfer of ownership of a citizen of the land infield. Based on the decision of the village council controlled land citizen granted state certificate of title to land.

If the house is owned by two masters on the right of joint or common ownership (in other words, registration certificate to him alone, documents of title is also one, but they are all owners, possibly indicating the ideal proportion of each of them), the privatization of land can be implemented only with the consent of all co-owners.

If it (agreement) no, we would recommend to divide the house into the courts or by the conclusion of an agreement between the owners of the division of joint property, certified by a notary. After this separation, each of the owners may apply for the privatization of the land itself.
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