How to privatize the apartment?

14.10.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | How to privatize the apartment? The procedure of privatization of the apartment provided by the Law of Ukraine "On Privatization of State Housing" and Regulations of the State Committee of Ukraine for Housing and Utilities" The order of transfer of flats (houses) in the property of citizens. " Every Ukrainian citizen has the right to privatize public housing units occupied by them under the conditions defined by the Law on privatization of public housing stock, but only once.

The legislation provides that every citizen of Ukraine shall be entitled to receive the property a maximum of 21 square meters of housing. Additionally allocated 10 square meters per family. For exceeding the specified standards have to pay - base price per square meter is 18 cents (regardless of area of the city or category of housing). At birth rate is calculated as the square, which is transmitted in the property without compensation.

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Transfer of occupied apartments is carried out in total joint or partial ownership by the written agreement of all adult family members who permanently live in the apartment, including the temporarily absent, which retains the right to housing, with mandatory identification of the authorized owner of the apartment (house).

All adult family members should report to the housing office and in the presence of the chief housing department put their signatures on the statement that they participate in the privatization of housing. Privatize the apartment needed for all family members, so if any of the registered residents refused to become an owner in the privatization of all refuse.

Guide to Action

1. Contact the housing office with a passport (birth certificate):
- Fill in the blank "form N4", which lists all registered and living in privatized apartment, as well as infants and to temporarily missing persons, which retains the right to housing, as indicated, all information needed to prepare the privatization of documents (personal account number, area apartments, etc.);
- Provide a copy of the apartment and the warrant certificate from the previous place of residence (for those who register in privatized apartments after 1993) that the right to privatize has not used;
- Get ZhEKe product data for the apartment, which gives the artist or technical service housing department;
- Fill out an application for privatization with the signatures of all family members (and all family members should come to housing office in person, because their signatures certified by the head housing department).

2. Contact the Department of privatization of local government administration with the following documents:
- A passport or other identity document, and anyone under 16 years - birth certificate (photocopy);
- ID (photocopy);
- Statement by the privatization of housing (with a certified housing department head signatures);
- Authorization from the housing department - a form of N4;
- Datasheet privatized apartments;
- If a tenant or members of his family benefits for free privatization of occupied dwelling, regardless of the size of the total area, the statement is attached a document (a copy of the license, certificate, etc.), confirming the right to preferential treatment of privatization;
- Order (decision) of the body of privatization on the transfer of apartment ownership.

You must then obtain a certificate of ownership of the apartment, which is issued by the Department of privatization within a month from the date of the registration statement.

3. Apply to one of BTI to register ownership of the apartment.

Certificate of ownership to an apartment is subject to mandatory registration with the technical inventory. Registration of ownership rights at the BTI will take no more than a month from the date of application.

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