How to organize the area of marriage

04.10.2010 15:00
Articles about real estate | How to organize the area of marriage The most important and influential to maintain partnerships of any kind - is the zone of the marriage. First complete the evaluation of the sector effect bagua to determine which funds are needed to activate this area. To do this, apply a magic square on the plan of the entire house or apartment. Interested in your area will be in the top right corner. In addition, make sure to check what the status of this area in your bedroom, living room and other rooms. Its absence or attenuation - the cause of your loneliness, failed marriage, getting dates.

In order to improve existing relationships or establish new, it is necessary to increase the area of marriage. If it is poorly lit, remains grim in natural and artificial light, your relationship and communication with people will be uncertain, unproductive, will develop slowly, without giving satisfaction. Always open the curtains and blinds in rooms that leave a lighting fixture (sconce, night light) turned on all night, so that chi is constantly circulating in this part of the house.

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Of course, the chi must not meet any obstacles in its path, so in the sector of marriage can not store unnecessary items, organize the mess. Even magazines that you scatter-Sali on the coffee table, or things carelessly tossed on a chair in the bedroom can make a rift in your family life, to deprive the intimate relationship of diversity and romanticism.

Avoid dust, debris in this part of the apartment, watch and care for the adjacent plants and animals, immediately eliminates all sources of balls.

Your task - to draw in the area of marriage as much positive energy. It would be well placed in this part of the bedroom or living room an object, a symbol of the element that precedes yours in the cycle of birth. If your element is earth, then place in the area of marriage, the subject of fire-related, such as a vase with living scarlet flowers or candles that will light up every evening. The situation is somewhat complicated if you and your partner patronize different elements. Suppose your element - Metal and wife belong to the element of wood. Bronze sculpture in the area of marriage, your feelings are intensified, increased libido, improved overall health, but you notice that his wife every day more and more away from you. The explanation of such facts to be found in the theory of mutual destruction of the elements. It should be remembered that metal destroys wood. Reinforced metal sculpture, and therefore even more exacerbated the conflict of the elements and your relationships. Remove the symbol of the metal from the premises and install something that belongs to the Water (Metal produces Water, and Water - Wood).

Another way to attract chi and increase its impact on both partners belonging to different elements, - to keep the room an equal number of items related to both elements. However, this recommendation applies only if your elements do not coexist with each other in a cycle of destruction.

Universal impetus for the emergence of your life perfect partner, the partner in life can become the object which your personal symbol of happy love. Of course, the word "love" everyone is their own associations and memories. Talisman may be the book tells the story of happy love, or a porcelain figurine depicts two blue-ers. Someone will be stored in a casket silver ring or a locket - the memory of first love.

If your relationship lacks passion, put in the area of marriage any subject in red (the symbol of fire), awakening sensuality and determination.

At the tender feelings of the spouses negatively influenced by factors such as household chores, travel, stress, etc. In this situation, Feng Shui recommends its use for stimulation of relations yellow - the color of communication. Just remember that too much yellow can cause headaches.

If you are alone, be sure to use all the chairs available in the house (of course alternately). This is to ensure that friends are more often in your home and family has increased. During sleep, change your body position so as to activate the entire area of the bed. Select for your bedroom a bed on which would be enough to place two of them. Such a move you have to prepare a place for her lover and bring in their identical-noky house love.

In the area of marriage must prevail and cozy atmosphere. Welcome the soft, well-organized coverage of towels, light, pastel colors, favorite things. Arrange furniture so as to carry out such an important sector for your future flats as much as possible. For example, set in the far right corner of the bedroom my bed, you sleep on it for about 8 hours, that is enough. In the corresponding area of his working place office desk and its chair, the progress in relations with business partners after-true proof of the effectiveness of prescription Feng Shui. Dining table in the sector of marriage in the kitchen and dining area will revive your relationships with friends, draw into your home and your life new people.

Did you know that qi involves only positive human emotions and their manifestations? Do not come in the area of marriage, when tired, angry, do not cry and do not swear in the sanctuary of love. Try to think positive, to dream of happiness that awaits you, love and a man who will soon become part of your life, listen to music. Remember that our thoughts determine our future.
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