How to make the right to land?

15.09.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | How to make the right to land? Land legislation provides for two basic procedures for land privatization. The first (simplified) is intended for land that had previously been transferred for use by citizens and are used on the day the decision on privatization.

This procedure involves treatment of a citizen - the user site, a statement on the privatization of state administration in the respective district (if the site is located outside the village) or in a village, settlement or city council (if the site is located in the village).

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The application must enclose copies of documents confirming the granting of land use and its size. Relevant State Administration or local authority within 1 month to decide on the privatization of land. This solution is the basis for issuing a public act of ownership on the site. Getting the applicant is an act of ending the privatization procedure, from that moment the owner may dispose of the site.

The second procedure (longer and more complex) provides for the privatization of land that has not been provided for use.

It is complicated by the need to develop so-called project of land allocation and consists of the following:

- The citizen in state administration or appropriate Board a statement on privatization;

- Decision to grant consent for the development of the project of land allocation (decision must be made within a period not exceeding one month);

- Development of land management challenge a licensed organization;

- Submission of the project to the Commission on the harmonization of land use documentation (Commission consists of representatives from five state agencies: architecture, land resources, environmental protection, sanitary-epidemiological and cultural heritage protection authority). The Commission shall coordinate the project within 3 weeks.

- Withdrawal of approval of the project and a decision on the privatization of the land district administration or the relevant local council (the project must be approved by a 2-week period from the date of withdrawal of project approval by the Commission);

- Issuing state act on ownership of land.

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