How to make the right choice of land?

25.05.2011 07:00
Articles about real estate | How to make the right choice of land? Selection and purchase of land - the first step in building a country house.

In this article we review the main problems of choosing land to build a country house, tell you what needs to be given special attention when choosing in the future, your life is out of town was not marred by various troubles, due to wrong choice of a site under construction. This aspect will largely condition the whole house project, as well as the scale of the costs of development of the territory.

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Building a country house begins with a search of land. It is the size of the land will affect the future home area, but do not forget about the accomplishment of adjoining territory to the house. Let's talk about the size of selected land. To build a country house of moderate size (200 to 300 m2) suitable plot of 1200 m2. When choosing land for development in northern latitudes, Russia is best to design the main entrance, garage, hallway, staircase to the north or northeast. This in turn will promote better lighting in residential homes.

It is better that the choice of the land except the realtor and the project architect was present at home to time and place to predict the nuances of the future construction. need to remember another important thing: do not rely solely on visual characteristics of the site, because in the future this may lead to large expenditures during earthworks, works on water use and landscaping. Quite the right solution to this problem is to attract companies to the special geological engineering. Engineering and geological surveys will identify the main characteristics of the soil, the level and composition of groundwater, especially the local landscape. A report after conducting this type of work will include recommendations regarding the optimal type of foundation and measures for its protection.

A land plot requires thoroughness. In the selected area is desirable to produce a topographic survey (this is especially true for areas with difficult terrain). Topographic survey will enable the designer houses more accurately calculate slopes entrances and grounds at the site, just to orient the building to the cardinal points and the best kinds of landscape, to identify fire breaks between adjacent buildings and points of connection to the street networks.

Let's talk about the different problems areas, which will influence the choice of land.

If the land is located in relative proximity to the forest, you can always enjoy the fresh air, the singing of birds, the beauty of trees, the forest will also protect your home from strong winds in the woods you can always find stuff for resettlement sites and for heating the cottage, yet, mushrooms, berries and flowers will always be at your side. But despite this, the proximity of the forest may also bring disadvantages: you have to protect yourself and your site from the abundance of insect pests, there is some probability that your country will site visit hares, squirrels, mice, bird flocks. On beds or ridges will fall the shadow of the forest trees, which will also pick up from the soil moisture and nutrients.

Selecting a plot on the hillside, also has its advantages, among them a view of the neighborhood, plenty of sunshine, wonderful opportunities for landscape design (eg, an alpine slide "). However, there are drawbacks: the openness of the site for a strong wind, possible problems with water supply and laying of the foundation, the need for additional protection from wind and sun.

The choice of land in the valley will save you from problems with water, nisin to protect the house from wind and soil moisture will have a positive impact on plants in the garden. But do not forget the need for additional waterproofing of the foundation of groundwater, and remember that-town site and buildings in the valley may not have enough sunlight, and they may suffer from excess moisture in the air.

Plot on the shore will always please the eye and provides a summer day a swim or go fishing, and, of course, you will not experience a shortage of water. However, the soil of this site may require drainage, and cottages and other buildings will need to be protected from moisture. Also, do not forget about the mosquitoes and other insects.

The biggest advantage in building a country house provides a smooth plot, irrigation area will also occur at regular intervals. The shortcomings in the selection of a level country area include the need to dig a well or bore, as well as erect a solid fence, which protects from wind and "uninvited guests". To improve the microclimate of suburban area may need to plant trees and plants will have to build shelter from the wind and sun.
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