How to make money on the sale of home

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It is widely known that real estate can be purchased substantially below market price when the seller needs money urgently in connection with debts, relocation, divorce, illness, etc.

But Have you ever, you can buy a house, apartment, land or other expensive equipment, not having a dime in your pocket?

It turns out that this is possible.
What to do this? Only to find out the real needs of your seller. What really does he want? As he was going to spend the money? Ask him about it directly, and you have a great food for thought.

In addition to cash and cash commitments can be offered in payment of different assets (for example, the seller may be interested in your car), services (eg legal, construction) and so on, depending on the needs of a particular seller.

Maybe he should be someone money? Make arrangements with its creditors and reissued over his debts.

Perhaps he simply does not need real estate, which he sells? Agree with him about the long-term installment payment. He is afraid to take risks, and you have nothing to send him to the software? Offer him a loan agreement, promissory note, receipt, letter of guarantee, surety insurance, his own life in his favor in the amount of the transaction and so on.

Once you have agreed on the installment plan, can take property for rent to cover payments to the seller. If the size of payments are not comparable, sell property, earn, and to settle with the seller.

In the end, if you planned a really good deal, why not take a bank loan or find a friend who has the required amount, and are willing to invest it in profitable activity?

You can use creativity in their work everywhere. Negotiation skills are generated from practice. Record all their conversations on tape, analyze and find in them their mistakes - that interested seller or buyer, where and why he refused the deal, or that, conversely, influenced the final contract. It is very important that you can hear yourself and your voice part.

At first glance it may seem implausible, however, you do not lose anything if you try? In contrast, until you try - you may continue to be confident that you will not succeed. Practice, practice, and only practice will give you the desired results. I assure you that at some point you even wonder how some retailers are compliant.

To real estate was really valuable, profitability and liquidity, to consider when selecting the following criteria:

1. Presence of communications - access roads, electricity, water, gas, sewerage, communications and so on.

2. Natural-specific characteristics - proximity of the forest, ponds, mountains, natural attractions, etc.

3. Of status of the object (eg, living near the politicians, pop stars or other famous people) and social background of their neighbors.

4. Infrastructure development - a garage, sauna, proximity to major cities, shops, cafes, schools, stops, parks, banks, pharmacies, recreation, entertainment, etc.

5. Architecture and condition of the house, the presence of faults.

6. Environmental Clean the area.

7. Distance from industrial areas and motorways.

8. Soil fertility, the presence in the area of forest and orchard trees.

9. The size, shape and topography of the land.

The list of documents that you need to check before you buy property on their own:

1. The contract for privatization, sale, barter, gift, share, certificate of inheritance, the court decision.

2. Individual passports owners. House register.

3. Certificate of state registration of title to real property.

4. Technical data sheet on the premises, or a certificate of BTI inventory assessment of residential buildings with floor plans.

5. Cadastral map of the land and building plan showing the cadastral number of the object, certified bodies active in management of state land cadastre and registration of real estate.

6. Notarized consent of the spouse to the purchase and sale.

7. Extract from the registration forms of real estate rights and transactions with the lack of charges (arrest, bail, etc.) - in the Chamber of Registration is valid for one day.

8. Help from the housing organization composed of residents (registered) in the apartment / house (where no one must be registered).

9. A certificate from tax inspectorate about absence of debts to pay taxes on the property.

10. Certificate of No arrears of rent and utility payments.

The documents should not be limiting entries.

Make sure to check your passport details of the owner referred to in documents on the property, with the data specified in his civilian passport. Also, make sure that details of the real estate mentioned in different documents are the same.

There are so many subtleties that can not be described in this article (share ownership, inheritance, etc.), so do not take the money and not too lazy to consult a notary, lawyer and / or real estate agency, if all documents are in order with your vendor. If there is no money at all, once again appeal to the creative approach. For example, you can get a free and comprehensive information to competent lawyers in any real estate agency, posing as customers wanting to arrange a deal through this agency.

I do not recommend buying real estate in general power of attorney. This is the most common cause for all sorts of scams. The fact that the owner or his authorized representative may at any time to unilaterally withdraw the authorization issued by you. In addition, the property can be a long time under arrest. Also, power of attorney is terminated with the death of the principal - and death can be sudden. And so on and so forth. Thus, you are very risk being left without money and without a home.

If you buy a property from a seller who controls her by proxy, a detailed examination of such power of attorney - check the expiration date and details of the property (the absence of any uncorrected and uncertified notary errors), and the right way to alienation, the right to receive cash from the buyer, passport data seller.

At the time of the transaction carefully check all received documents for technical and grammatical errors.

So, you can congratulate you! You bought a house, apartment or land. So, have already done half the job. Now you need with minimal costs (you can take a small amount) to put the gloss, make a presale site and find him a buyer.

It is known that 90% of the purchase of a property is on the emotions. Based on this, I suggest you specific, practical tips to increase the value of real estate:

1. Remove from the housing people. When "pure" real-estate is always more expensive.

2. Tidy documents. If you have documents in the old pattern - make a new passport TIB and cadastral plan. If you have a general power of attorney - is necessary to issue ownership. Price usually falls, if the seller acts by proxy.

3. Extinguish all outstanding utility bills.

4. Carefully up the house and on site. Wash floors, windows, doors, ventilate the room. Get rid of junk and clutter. Taken out the trash. Mow the grass. Otsypte track.

5. Correct any malfunctions that may substantially reduce the price.

6. Make a cheap facelift: new bright wallpaper paste, blanch ceilings, replace switches and sockets. All this costs a penny, but the housing after a modest investment looks much more expensive.

7. If you sell an apartment - it is necessary shalt in the entryway.

8. In some cases, if funds allow, it makes sense to spend all the available communication that will improve not only the cost but also the liquidity facility.

This is what you can do on their own, to squeeze the most out of existing housing.

Now your property is completely ready for sale. Tell all you know about real estate agents as much detailed information about the object and wait for calls happy customers.

How much can you earn on this?

And how much you need to not go to work?

When buying real estate, consider, in addition to the cost of the facility, the cost of re-registration documents (notary, registration chamber, while the old sample documents - an inventory of buildings and preparation of inventory of the site plan, unless the seller would assume all costs in full) and income tax with future profits 13% (of course, you can always negotiate with the seller about the "gray" and avoid paying tax, but such a scheme is legally insecure).

Thus, the profits from one transaction of sale is as follows: income from sales minus the purchase price, the costs of paperwork, taxes, and some incidental expenses such as telephone calls, gasoline, etc.

During active operations, the daily viewing options and negotiations with sellers for the month you get a lot of experience and have accumulated a database of your suiting options. The preparatory phase is passed. From this moment you can buy and sell at least one object in a month. Naturally, the execution of all documents will take a little longer, but you can simultaneously hold 2, 3, 5, 10 or more transactions.

Each transaction brings to an average of 10% to 30% of net profits from the transaction. When the conditional mean value of the average Russian one property at a rate of 1 million rubles. - Is 100-300 thousand rubles. with one transaction. Not bad for a business without investment?
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