How to make gift certificate for an apartment?

16.01.2011 00:03
Under a contract of gift, one party (grantor) transfers in the future, the second party (the donee) donated property (the gift) in the property. These relationship are regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine.

Apartment for donations, the following documents:
- Legal documents (the contract of sale, gift, exchange, life maintenance, ownership certificate, certificate of inheritance by law or by will or other);

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- Help-description or an extract from the Register of ownership rights on immovable property (from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI);
- Information about the carrying value of the apartment;
- Form N3 (A certificate from the housing department) for registration of registered residents in the apartment.

With these documents, including passports and copies of the identification number of both (all) sides, a donor (Lee) and the donee (s) to appeal to the public or private notary for execution and signing of donation.

If the apartment is in joint ownership, the consent of all owners. If the apartment is purchased the property in a marriage, you must have notarized consent of the spouse or his / her presence in the contract of donation. At a joint partial ownership each owner gives his part of the apartment, at what is possibly giving under a multilateral treaty.

After the conclusion and registration of the donation contract must register their ownership by putting registration inscriptions on the title documents (the contract) to the bureau of technical inventory.

On receipt by the donee of the original donation contract, registered at the BTI, the process of donation can be considered successful completion.

Elena Polishchuk, Eugene Freyuk
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