How to make an inherited plot?

02.01.2011 10:45
Articles about real estate | How to make an inherited plot? The heir shall not issue a new act on the ground in his name, wrote today.

"Good afternoon," Yurlikbez! After his wife died, I inherited the land Pl. 0.06 ha in gardening association. However, to become the full owner, I can not because of me to issue a new state certif on my name to the assignment section of the cadastral number. Organization licensed to such registration, call for it from 3500 UAH.

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I am a pensioner. What should I do? "- George Ivanovitch, Kiev

Consults Lawyer Law Firm Eventus Elena Prokopenko:

"In accordance with the Land Code of Ukraine (Article 126) and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 439 from 06.05.2009, the, you should not make out a new act on the ground in your name. A notary must give you a certificate of inheritance right to land, and to act on the ground put a note on the transition of ownership from the testator to you, then the territorial authority of the State Committee must register in the Land register your ownership of inherited land and put on an act to land mark for registration in the Land Book your right to own land. But in the acts on the ground the old model is not specified cadastral number of the land.

And notaries are guided by the Orders of the State Committee of 15.02.2010 № 168 and № 326 from 22.06.2009 was in accordance with which they can give you a certificate of inheritance right to land only after giving you the cadastral parcel number. If you do not, you have no rights to land can take away, but you can not sell it either, nor convey the legacy. Look for a cheaper organization that you will issue technical documentation on the land for 900-1500 USD.. "
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