How to make a site or house property?

12.11.2010 00:01
The ownership of land and houses are among the most popular among owners, and among those who are only going to buy the site. Questions about how and why to undergo the process of registration in the ownership of land was responsible Timur Saifutdinov, Managing Director of real estate at Blackwood.<br /><br /><strong>In what situations must undergo the process of registration of ownership of land and houses?</strong><br /><br />Register land ownership compulsory in all situations. This is because the right to own property in Russia occurs only after registration with the Federal Registration Service. This applies to both land and buildings. Without it, can not be inherited, or buy-sell or donate.<br />What threatens, if the situation "leave as is" and does not arrange land ownership?<br /><br />It happens, especially in situations of old cottages and horticultural cooperatives: live his people, but no evidence of (new), no other documents proving ownership of land, building - nothing. A desire to sell or arrange heritage, and understand that they can not do it. Can live and so was not recorded ownership, but disposed of in such a situation, the property will not.<br />Which set of documents to be collected, to design the site in the property was possible?<br /><br /><strong>You must collect the following documents:</strong><br /><br />* Documents on the history of the site (who, when, for what purposes, in what the right to designate, passed on the land).<br />* Cadastral plan of the site.<br />* Proof of ownership of the site. in that case, if the owner died, it is necessary to collect the documents confirming the rights of heirs (the court decision, the paper of a notary, depending on what that exactly how land passed by inheritance).<br /><br /><strong>What is the procedure of registration of land ownership?</strong><br /><br />Your site consists of several stages. First step: to collect all the "paper" the history of the land and go with her to board a gardening non-profit association (CNT), in the archives of the district administration, the organization which gave area under the CNT (the factory, institution, NGOs, etc.).<br /><br />The second phase: land house look if it was surveying the land (whether on land cadastre). If not, you need to apply to a specialized organization for the preparation of landmark cases in the plot. After which one must pass to the organs Rosnedvizhimost landmark plan and the "history" of the land for cadastral registration and to obtain the cadastral plan.<br /><br />Third stage: It is necessary to pass the Federal Registration Service the following documents: the cadastre plan, documents on the owner and the "history" of the land. After that you can receive a certificate of ownership (or in case of a lease - registered land lease).<br />What if after the procedure, measurement of the actual plot size does not match the one mentioned in the documents available?<br /><br /><strong>tioThere are several soluns</strong>:<br /><br />* In the event that measurement of the land has not been made, it simply states that as a result of surveying the land with an area of not 8 acres, and, for example, 8.23 or 7.65 weave weave. And the old certificate of ownership is simply replaced by new, which indicates the refined area.<br />* If the measurement site was produced, but a way to desk (no field work), then the situation is the same as in the previous case.<br />* If the measurement site was made to desk way, but in the cadastral plan stated that the survey was conducted, then you, unfortunately, will be long and hard to explain the registration facilities, where have the "extra" weave or, conversely, what happened to the missing.<br /><strong><br />What rights are acquired after the procedure of registration of land ownership will be completed?</strong><br /><br />Once the application procedure is completed, you get a document certified by the ownership of the land or the right long-term land lease. Then you will be able to fully dispose of: to sell, pledge, exchange, donate, bequeath, etc.<br /><strong>Are there cases where it is impossible to issue land ownership?</strong><br /><br />Such cases are few:<br /><br />* Land already owned by others.<br />* Defence land (not subject to privatization).<br />* Land of national parks and nature reserves.<br />* Land reserved for the federal project.<br /><em></em><br />
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