How to maintain the property in Finland?

24.11.2010 12:47
Many Russians, particularly St Petersburg, already lucky enough to become owners of their house in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. For some, this problem - for others business. But in any case and that, and another, and those who have not yet acquired the Finnish real estate, but plans to make such a purchase, it is important to know how to keep overseas living space.<br /><br />Maintenance costs of real estate in Finland consists of two indicators: the annual property tax and utility payments. However, since these figures depend on location, area of the house or apartment, and the final cost of the content varies. Most often the content of identical houses in the neighboring municipalities may vary at times due to the fact that the rate of annual taxes in these municipalities vary considerably. It depends on the cadastral value of land on which stands a house or apartment, and each year is determined by the local municipality. Therefore, when buying a house in Finland are advised to check with the realtor set local authorities annual property tax for this municipality.<br /><br /><strong>Taxes, payments, utility payments</strong><br /><br />Depending on the region and the area of annual property taxes in Finland is from 0,3 to 1% of valuation (land) value of the object. It is usually much lower than the market. For permanent residents (persons permanently living in the property) tax rate is reduced by half and makes 0,15-0,5% of the appraised value. However, our compatriots under this definition only when moving to Finland.<br /><br />If in possession of the land plot for construction, then, until it is completed, the land tax is 1-3% of the same land value of the site. Upon completion of construction to pay the established standard of local taxes - both on land and at facilities located on its territory.<br /><br />Current utility bills, again depending on your lifestyle, square footage, building type and region. Also, when buying real estate should pay attention to what the heating system in your home or apartment, as Finland did a northern country, and the basic costs here are just for heating. In the cities there central heating, outside the city - electric, 1 kWh is worth ? 0,1. The invoice is sent by mail, but the cost of heating and electricity costs shown separately on the water, so that the final bill depends on water consumption.<br /><br />Owners of detached houses also pay for liability insurance of property from fire, the fees for road maintenance and garbage collection (? 70-90 per year). The owners of apartments (omakotitalo) to pay for cleaning up local area, which in the year of "eats" from the pocket of the owner of the same ? 70-90. More about ? 2-3 per month for a "square" is expended on staff costs, maintenance, garbage collection and such exotic for Russian tenants, but it is absolutely natural for the Finns services such as maintenance of the sauna and laundry service (they are in almost every apartment building ). Since the amount of the contribution is determined by a joint stock company tenants, then it can also vary.<br /><br />Thus, the contents of real estate in Finland depends ultimately on the purpose of sale. If the apartment is bought for the move, then its contents on the outskirts of Helsinki, with real estate taxes, insurance and other expenses will cost ? 100-150 per month, and the contents of a typical cottage of 150 square meters. m per month is ? 120-150. If you stay for 1-2 months a year the cost of maintaining the house at 100 square meters. m is ? 1 thousand per year: This fee covers electricity, water, taxes and insurance. For stays during the summer period and partly during the winter, without saving on water and the presence of the boiler house content area 120 square meters. m is ? 2,13 thousand a year.<br /><br />Bills for utilities and communications to the payment of the annual tax comes in the mail. If a homeowner is unable to pick them up from time to time in its navedyvayas Finnish housing, and pay bills by bank transfer from Russia, it is reasonable to open a current account in a Finnish bank. Then the messages will be sent to the bank, which is automatically deducted from the account of the required amount and send a payment for the contents of the house. Report with a breakdown of costs the bank sends the account holder. When buying a home realtors advised to use such services of the bank and provide this assistance.<br /><br /><strong>Demise</strong><br /><br />Renting accommodation to rent, you can not only cover the cost of its maintenance, but also to earn additional income. Foreigners have a right to earn his Finnish homes, but for it also have to pay tax. As a joint stock company and private individual shall pay the same tax rate with extended gains. It accounts for 28% of profits each year. In this case, the total profit is not taken, but the difference is calculated from income received and all expenditures on the contents of real estate (property taxes, electricity, water, garbage removal, etc.)<br /><br />Lease terms are standard and have not changed since the late 90's, no time limits or size of the rent there. Over the past 10 years the national average rents for apartments and houses more than doubled. The average rent of the house is ? 1,5 thousand per week. Price deposit flats, as well as its sale price, depending on city and district. 3-bedroom apartment in the heart of Helsinki costs about ? 1-1,2 thousand per month. The same in the suburbs - ? 600-700. And the same "triple" in Lahti, Tampere and Lappeenranta is already 300 to ? 500 per month. Annual income from rental real estate in Helsinki is 4,5-6,2% of the purchase price, adjusted for inflation.<br /><br />The rental market is widely developed as the demand for houses in Finland stable for a long time. According to experts, demand is even greater than the supply. Most Russian owners rent out their houses to their Finnish compatriots - St Petersburg, Moscow residents who travel to a neighboring country for a weekend fishing, hunting and skiing. Therefore, the most active seasons coincide with the majority of Russian national holidays: Christmas, New Year holidays in May, the summer period. Because the rented accommodation in Finland is mainly Russians and the language barrier there, rent a house can be independently through multiple online portals, bulletin boards, printed catalogs and newspapers, or communicating directly with the tenant. In this case, you can save on travel agency fees or real estate agencies.<br /><br />The most popular among Russians recreational venues, and, consequently, rental cottages - this is the south-eastern Finland and north of the country, Lapland. Experts predict that overall growth in prices for rental properties throughout Finland was 3,1% in 2008.<br /><br /><strong>Property management</strong><br /><br />By virtue of geographical proximity of St Petersburg include real estate in Finland, the easiest - if there is a visa to go on the weekend to see the Finnish house they will not be easy.<br /><br />But if the property owner does not fortunate enough to live in St. Petersburg, then in principle you can ask for help from the management company: the problem lies in the fact that unlike other countries, in Finland, not so much. If in Helsinki is still possible to find a company that look after housing, then at 20 km from the capital, no one would go to wash the windows in the summer cottage.<br /><br />Typically, the management of real estate buyers are turning to the realtor through whom to make purchases. An agent may assist in finding tenants, and negotiate with a company that will repair, redesign or replace old water pipes.<br /><br />It should be borne in mind that Russian companies in Finland are the only mediators, because for conducting real estate activity in the country must have a certificate that can only get a Finnish company. Therefore, Russian realtors can work only through his Finnish certified partners.<br /><br /><strong>Living expenses</strong><br /><br />It is believed that Finland has one of the highest standards of living in Europe, therefore, is one of the most expensive countries in the EU. This is explained by the fact that the north country - living here is more expensive than, for example, in hot Spain, not to mention the need of heating.<br /><br />But analysts say the cost of living here is still almost two times less than in Moscow, and almost the same as in St. Petersburg. Living wage in the country is ? 360,21. Of this amount, for a modest meal a month away ? 200-240, conversations over the mobile phone on average will cost ? 20 per month. In this case, a liter of milk costs ? 1,20, a loaf of bread - ? 2,50, 1kg of potatoes - ? 0,59.<br /><br />As in Finland, as the whole EU is struggling with smoking, cigarettes are expensive - a pack costs ? 4,30, but the majority of Russian brings them himself and sells to local smokers. Also expensive alcohol. The cost of lunch varies depending on the grade schools, and can cost in the cafe from ? 15, in the restaurant - from ? 30. Now the country's widespread network of affordable fast food, such as REX, Carols, or McDonalds.<br /><br /><strong>Property for Sale<br /></strong><br />If the Finnish real estate be sold, the tax on profits from the sale will not be charged if the object was owned by more than two years. If this period is less than two years, you must pay the government 28% of the profits earned from the sale. Profit is calculated Variance buying and selling real estate. If income is less than ? 1 thousand, no tax paid.<br /><br />When selling real estate services realtor in Finland paid by the seller. It will cost about 3-5% of the purchase price plus VAT (22% of the amount received). Avoid these costs do not succeed, because their own to sell a house in Finland can not, it is necessary to carry out the operation through an agent. Perform operations with real estate can only be certified Finnish firms. You can also refer to the Russian realtors who work as a mediator with his Finnish certified partners. Now almost every company involved in selling real estate abroad, has in its portfolio of the Finnish sites.<br /><a href=" "> </a><br />
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