How to look for an apartment on the secondary market?

18.04.2012 09:15
Articles about real estate | How to look for an apartment on the secondary market? When buying an apartment can save on estate agent services, and find yourself a suitable option. But in this case the buyer should be well prepared to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of an apartment you like and do not buy a "pig in a poke."

According to new housing estate on the secondary market in Kiev alone picked up 30% of customers. The specialists they refer only to the final stages of the transaction, involving them to help in the design of the sale. This allows you to save quite a substantial amount - 2-4% of the cost of housing. So much for comprehensive service takes an average of a professional realtor.

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Where to start?
With self-searching options for apartment buyer must first determine what information database of real estate there in Kiev. Internet today is packed with advertisements for the sale of housing, many of them in the print media. Thus, the choice of a reliable source of information - the first problem faced by the buyer.

Having defined the resource, go to the search of attractive options and their scrutiny. Based on the fact that the advertisement can be placed only a small amount of data that looks "interesting" objects can be found up to several hundred. Therefore, we introduce additional constraints in the search (binding to a specific station, the type of house, etc.).

"Buyers who decided to seek shelter on their own, have a lot of routine work. He will have to carefully analyze the available items for sale, because, in practice, of all the options offered in the newspapers and the Internet, you can purchase only 20%. The remaining 80% - an information "garbage" flat "bait", objects that have problems with the documents and so forth. "

Sometimes a short call at a phone number in the ad, it is enough to cut the "extra" option. For example, if on the other end say they liked the apartment is already sold, but you should definitely pick up another as good, you know that you hit an object, "bait" that will likely never really sold. The purpose of such advertising - to generate phone calls in real estate.

In place of
After all the ads that interest you "worked", comes the most important stage - examination of housing.

Initial assessment of real estate can be done by conducting "desk" research. That is, finding out through the Internet and publications in print media all the information about the place where the house (there are no nearby chemical waste dumps, major industries, as is the situation in the area with kindergartens and schools, etc.). It is also useful to know about the disadvantages and advantages such as the house where the apartment is located. This will help identify weaknesses option that interests you. For example, the distinguished panel houses a poor sound insulation, and the "ships" to everything else - the high heat loss ("out" can take up to 30-40% of heat).

The next step - "field research" that is, assessment of the property on the ground. It should be started even on the outskirts of the apartment. Note the condition of the yard, porch, elevator. This will give an idea of ​​the quality of the HOA or management company, and also, indirectly, and the tenants living in the house.

Under the microscope
The next step - check the apartment. Most consumers believe that the best option to buy "fresh" facelift. However, often tasteless or inept "cosmetics" can spoil the apartment more than repairs which have been made thirty years ago.

In general, there is a "set" of the classic drawbacks of housing in apartment buildings. For example, the location of the apartment on the first floor. In such embodiments do not want to live 80% of the buyers.
Secondly, the disadvantages are the windows that overlook the noisy, polluted highway. Thirdly, poor plumbing (especially toilets), worn communications in the apartment, the old window and door jambs are not changed since Soviet times. Any of the above circumstances may give rise to bargaining. The usual "step" to reduce the price for the apartments of economy class - 50 thousand rubles. Many sellers are initially laying this "premium" in the value of the property, then to give the buyer safely.

In the dignity of housing which are reflected in the price of the offer, you can record the location of windows on the sunny side of the house, the quiet, green courtyard, pond and architectural monuments. Also increase the attractiveness of the presence in the front desk, equipped with parking near the house, proximity to subway stations, etc.

Individually do not walk!
Another important aspect of which is worth remembering when choosing independent housing - many sellers are working with real estate agencies, so to view the object of their real estate agent is usually present.

"The logic of buyers on their own looking for a real estate is simple: in the newspapers and the internet there are a large number of publicly available information about traded options, are already working with agencies that do all the work for the buyer free of charge. This is misleading, because in this situation, the agency defended the interests of their customers, ie retailers. Buyers come to the show unprepared and as a result can make the deal unprofitable for himself "- warns Dmitry Schegelsky.

Therefore, when a suitable object is found, the buyer still should be invited to the final show of "their" estate agent, so he checked the documents of the apartment, and evaluated the state of the dwelling. After that, an experienced agent will tell you what advice you may need more professional (eg lawyer, if the documents are questionable).

Search for an apartment - a long and difficult task. According to Deputy General Director of Real Estate Agency "Bekar" Leonid Sandalova, on average, in search of a suitable facility takes at least a month of hard work: a study of the information in the media, "rung" ads to display. And after several weeks of research on your own, do not succeed, many buyers still go for professional help to save this time for your time and nerves.
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