How to live in peace with its neighbors on the site?

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Articles about real estate | How to live in peace with its neighbors on the site? Conflicts between neighbors in the countryside areas in recent years have begun to appear more often. One can not divide a vacant lot a few meters, the other is not satisfied with the neighbor's barking dog, the third and did not like the faces of his "zazabornikov" ... What to do in these situations: to solve problems on their own, to go to court or sell household?

Account no conflicts
Causes of conflict between neighbors value problems, and even owners of households in organized cottage settlements, which sometimes overflow in the long-standing enmities are not listed on the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

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One of the best examples of this conflict - problems due to "incorrect" location of buildings or trees in others by a fence, although build any buildings and plant tall trees are allowed no closer than 3 meters from the border area.

"Most" fights "- confirms Igor Zaugolnikov, director of marketing communications RODEX Group, - is either due to unauthorized constructions, or related to the construction of excessively high buildings. There was a case in one of the dacha near Krasnoarmeisk when one enterprising citizen, bought a house on the hill, and began rebuilding it into a real tower. Cabins other homeowners were in the valley. In addition, the builder was so carried away the roof, which blocked all view of descending into the low road. Dissatisfaction with the residents was due to the fact that in the winter due to snow blockages they could not move out of their homes and often left his car on a hill. Previously, they for their equipment to keep an eye out of the windows. But because of the roof towers such an opportunity lost. Naturally, such an alignment nobody liked. Question carried into a meeting of gardening association. After much wrangling culprit offered as a bonus for his account to clear the Congress, and all were satisfied. "

Flare and quarrels due to overly active lifestyle when the neighbor's side all night to bawl songs, and just that - enough for the stakes and shtaketiny. If after 23 hours in a city apartment to a prohibitively noisy neighbors can try to call the police, the 'house call to order noisy company has to own. And if there is no specialized security in the settlement, the result of this conflict is unpredictable.

Cause of contention between neighbors can be a quarrel, and children. But if rebyatnya forgets about his spat quickly, resentful parents might long time with each other not to talk.

But the most common cause of conflict, according to Tatiana Pikunov, a lawyer Academy Great realty, are territorial claims. This is a problem especially in the townships where the land had long been divided. Indeed, after years of often forgotten, who transferred to the border and which were oral agreements. At this point without resorting to the surveyors who helped to restore the landmarks and boundaries, can not do.

Quarrels and dissatisfaction come from a desire to expand their land by the territory of its neighbors, due to the narrow passage between the land. "In addition, it is very much a purely domestic dispute - is connected to the conversation, Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner at MIEL - Residential Real Estate." - Not located there septic tank or cesspool, do not have access to the house, not out there walking the neighbor's cat, someone collects neighbor apples that had fallen on his side. However, "bytovuha" normally permitted in a friendly neighbor procedure. Sometimes the reason for the conflict becomes a social level of its neighbors: a mediocre businessman, the other an ordinary pensioner, well, that's not like each other. However, you name it. "

If we consider the conflict in organized cottage settlements, there is much less debate about interfering buildings, as is usually prescribed in the statutes: what facilities and what style can be built on the site. Descriptions can include even the appearance of the fence. If we talk about a premium-class, then, according to Hope Volokhova, deputy director of the agency exclusive property "Manor", exclusively in all villages, each client goes through a particular face control, that is to avoid unpleasant neighborhood. But even if sales are conducted without this face control, in the settlement provide for certain rules of conduct described in a special document which puts a handwritten visas each of the homeowners.

"Most of all - sums up the diversity of conflict settlement Liudmila Ezhova, CEO of Terra Real Estate" - a quarrel between the neighbors do not occur in organized cottage communities, and in suburban areas where people buy land without a contract and hope to build themselves a house " .

The test is no conflict for a neighbor
Igor Zaugolnikov believes that the most controversial are those "neighborhood individuals, who, until the whole is a matter of who carefully monitors all around the world. Most often these are people who do not work and live permanently in a country house. Either retired or former trade unionists, the leaders turned-suburban cooperatives, or former "janitor", and sometimes young people with early success. "
Determine scandalous or intractability neighbor a variety of ways. Every expert on this opinion. For example, Vladimir Yakhontov advice before buying a house, first to get acquainted with their neighbors, to see how they react to the visit, will meet as-hi. And I am sure the Speaker, the people of one's social status is almost always able to negotiate. Therefore it is better initially to determine the social status of a neighbor, look at the age characteristics.

Easier to solve all problems, if the neighbors of the same age. Igor Zaugolnikov adds that need to get acquainted with other residents and interview them about their immediate neighbors. People who live side by side for some time, can always tell something interesting to share my observations and thoughts. Only the most important here - to distinguish the objective observation of the banal neighborhood strife.

Ivan Sinitsyn, partner in the project "New Cottage - Gagarinlend, when choosing a site for construction in the new settlement also offers a phone to ask future neighbors of the representatives of the Criminal Code to first get acquainted with the future" boyfriends "and in conversation, at least approximately determine the nature of man. Expert offers and a couple of simple ways to find out how much can be comfortable interaction between future neighbors. For example, we can discuss the possibility of building a sauna in the border areas. Or jointly decide on installing a low fence between the sections, if not abandon it. Typically, these two themes are sufficient to determine the type of personality and loyalty to his neighbor.

Tatiana Pikunov believes that the true nature of its neighbors to determine in advance is almost impossible. However, by choosing a country house or plot, should pay attention to how buildings are located and planted trees as neat and tidy site. If everything is "clean and smooth, and the house and garden are in good order, it is already talking about not the worst human qualities.

If war breaks out!

Well, if you had not got on together and the war crept unnoticed? Where to go, whom to complain about his case? To the chairman of garden community, the management company or just to court?

referee on the pitch "Despite the fact that the chairman of the ST is no formal legal status, - says Tatiana Pikunov - in conflict resolution it can play an important role. Because that's what the authorized person shall sign the site plan, and from the document depends on how to resolve the dispute, if there is a territorial conflict. "

"The main role for the chairman - is wisely to listen to all the conflicting parties, as often happens when a dispute or" disassembly "involves not only the two neighbors - adds Igor Zaugolnikov. - The President must, above all, impartially consider all points of view and try to reconcile all parties. However, this is ideal. In the same small closed group, means largely a cottage cooperative chairman usually gets up at one of the warring parties. Do not forget about his possible financial interest. "

With regard to assistance from the UK, its employees, according to Vladimir blue, and in personal conflicts tend not to interfere. They have a completely different problem. But if a settlement of the Criminal Code is available, then many things are regulated by statute, which spelled out all the provisions that minimize the differences.

Strict Judge

Appeals to the court, as they say, the last chance to restore justice. But first, a better understanding of the documents and understand their rights. And only if the offended party is fully confident of its correctness, we can safely go to court. Such cases are mostly won. Although Igor Zaugolnikova on this opinion: "Sue just because of what someone with someone does not get along, of course, deal fairly hopeless. Only if the property has suffered direct damage, then, of course, law enforcement agencies should resolve the situation. And here the sequence rather banal: the application, the police, initiation of proceedings, the court, and so on. "

And theoretically, malicious and repeated violations of the law may cost bad neighbor house and grounds. "In conflict and systematic violations - says Lyudmila Yezhova - can only help the law. According to the Land Code, Art. 47 Part 2, "gardener, gardener or summer resident can be deprived of property rights, lifetime inheritable possession, permanent (perpetual), temporary use or lease of the land for willful or systematic violations under the land legislation.

But it's best never to quarrel. When moving in a new house to make friends with neighbors and enjoy a long friendship. On the first ...
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