How to keep savings in foreign currency storms

15.03.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | How to keep savings in foreign currency storms Recently, the exchange rate in Ukraine has become a free-floating. Fluctuations have occurred in both sides of the hryvnia and fell and rose again. In such a situation not to lose their savings? Method 1 . Money - in concrete

Recently, one of the most traditional ways of preserving their assets were real estate . And though it after the fall of the dollar prices in 2009 did not grow too much in price, but market experts say that many owners have earned on the lease , which annually brings 7-8 % per annum of the cost of housing.

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However, now buy ready-to- date apartment is very problematic. Secondary housing market in the country due to the political situation stopped. Virtually no transactions . Experts attribute this to the fact that the NBU has limited foreign exchange market.

- Sellers and buyers took a wait - said the expert company SV-Development Sergey Kostecki . - Due to the fact that the need to make payments in UAH , and prices are set in dollars, no one understands , at what rate you pay. Secondary real estate market is paralyzed until until further fluctuations and act restrictions on the purchase of currency .

According to the company , in February , there were about 400 transactions , which is several times smaller than a year earlier.

You can make an investment in the future and buy a house under construction. Especially that not all companies have raised prices . Some have fixed them on the same level as when the dollar was at 8 USD. , And now the owners of currency zanachek have at least a 15 percent discount .

On the other hand , in the current political and economic conditions, any building - is a risk. Even last year, when the economic crisis has no smell , large capital companies moved the deadlines of its facilities for 6-9 months . What will be the delay in the current situation - is unknown.

Make an attractive real estate market in Ukraine can signing the Association with the EU and political stability in the country.

Method 2 . buy zolotishka

Recently, gold can be seen as a very risky asset . If you recall last year , all who kept Bar - other on a rainy day , for a year lost nearly a third . Experts say that last year was the strongest in three decades fall in precious metal prices . Explained this to improvements in the world economy.

January 1 troy ounce ( 31.1 grams ) of gold worth 1203 dollars. However, earlier this year the metal began to regain its decline . Already by mid-February ounce has risen to $ 1,330 . That is an increase of about 10 % in just six weeks. In March, growth has slowed , but this week is worth an ounce in 1355 dollars. Some investors are already gleefully rubbing their hands and expect further growth.

But there are pessimists . According to analysts of the bank Goldman Sachs, the price of the yellow metal will decline throughout 2014 and will reach $ 1,050 by the beginning of 2015 . According to them, against gold plays several factors. Fed's tightening of monetary policy will lead to the strengthening of the dollar. Furthermore, due to revival of the U.S. economy , investors will prefer the stock market , investing in stocks.

However, over time , analysts say , gold will rise in price certainly at least up to 2000 dollars per ounce. However, when this occurs - in five or ten years , is unknown . Therefore, experts recommend investing in metals not more than 10 % of their savings and do not count on them for at least five years.

Method 3 . Invest in yourself!

Perhaps you 've always wanted to learn English or go to the seminar , which will contribute to your career? Or , can finally heal ? Millionths savings such activities do not require , but from a simple waste of money favorably that somehow pay off in the future. Be healthy - be able to work more efficiently . Get new skills and knowledge - can earn more. And such changes likely to be much more profitable than trying to guess the future the hryvnia and shift money in the right currency.

How much will it cost a dollar ?

Now , experts say , the exchange rate on the interbank market does not always respond to market realities . This happens because of the restrictions imposed by the NBU. These same constraints have led to the fact that sometimes sellers outnumbered buyers. Then National Bank entered the market and bought back the surplus currency without giving hryvnia strengthened.

- National Bank decided to keep not only weakening but also strengthen the hryvnia originally stopping movement of the exchange market at 9.2-9.3 UAH . / USD. , - Commented the financial expert Eric Naiman . - And indeed, further strengthening hryvnia below 9 would be undesirable for Ukrainian exporters. As well as early weakening above 10 negative for the state budget and banks. The head of the Ministry of Finance allows retention of the hryvnia against the dollar this year at 10-10,1 . Apparently, on the basis of this course and is now considered an updated version of the state budget.
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