How to invest in the village?

11.09.2010 19:34
Especially, if with a mind to dispose of their newly gained during the life of the capital money in the regions can be found quite a profitable business.

There are no competitors, customers - too ...
The village is attractive to enterprising people, primarily the lack of a large army of competitors, whom the city at least a dime a dozen. Open a new business in the village can be, even with minimal financial savings. "Monetary threshold of the entrance to each specific business in the city than in rural areas - said the director of business brokerage company InterCredit Vitaly Guzhva. - In practice, this means that the village is now possible to open a new business, even with a small sum by the standards of the city seed money - from $ 10,000. "

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According to Mr. Guzhva, the most popular form of business that really works in the village - is trade. If the village is located near a busy highway, opening a cafe or restaurant - an excellent and promising idea.
The only problem - the business need to organize from scratch. To acquire the company ready to count not worth it. The share for sale restaurants and shops in the countryside today is only 10% of the total sold by rural businesses. Besides, the prices of similar objects is very much overstated.
Ideally this business for those whose house is located in a busy place as the most difficult opening cafes - the allocation of land. Otherwise, with business problems do not arise. True, and the high profits to hope it is not necessary. If the institution will operate by the owner and his family and still maintain a modest life, "a restaurant or shop will be repaid over a period of years to three years.

In the farmer does not poke your nose

But to engage in farming experts are definitely not advised. According to the president of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners Ivan Tomycha, grain generates income only if the cultivated area of more than 1 thousand hectares. It is clear that any family to cope with such a huge field will not succeed. So we have to hire workers and buy more equipment for processing field. According to I. Tomycha, meddle in Agrarian business can only be in his pocket at least 2 mln.
The second problem for the farmer - credit policy in Ukraine. The price of credit - about 30%, which is unrealistic for agriculture. Of course, we can hope for state fund to support farmers. But according to Mr. Tomycha even a record 226 million UAH. That came into the fund this year, are insufficient to support all needy farmers. In addition, the farmer faces the risk of losses from adverse weather. For example, in the spring field with future harvests may flood.

All together
Generally, the consensus view of respondents 'SH' experts to earn money in the village, you need to deal simultaneously with multiple businesses. Classic version - a package of "green tourism" stocking the pond and marketing crafts.
As the manager assured us of the Union to promote rural green tourism in Ukraine Vasily Vovk, today, rural beauty are very popular with the guests from Canada, Poland and Slovakia.
And actually deliver virtually any home. The main "spin," the estate at specialized sites on the Internet and come up with an interesting program for the pastime. By the way, according to experts, the more extravagant it is, the better. Thus, tourists are willing to pay extra for the opportunity to mow the meadow hay from the owner or plow a field on a tractor.
The owner of the farmhouse with private facilities can rely on daily income from the tourist industry in the 200 grn. True, this happens only after several years required for the "promotion" of the estate, and in the summer.
But the fall will bring money selling fish. This case does not require extra costs and labor. In the spring to hire a pond (5 ths.) Purchase fingerlings and fish feed (10 ths.) And in late summer to expose security (salary guard - from 800 UAH. Per month). By implementing the autumn fish on the capital markets, we can get 150-200% of revenue.
And in addition to tourism and fisheries can do the sale of products from woven wicker, wood carving, homespun rugs. "If people are engaged in the Carpathians in such activities in most regions of Ukraine - no, - said the acting president of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Small, Medium and Privatized Enterprises of Ukraine Vyacheslav Bykovets. - A similar exercise has good prospects. Finished products can be supplied as in commercial networks, and implement in their own region. "
By the way, in big cities handicrafts can be sold at least twice as expensive than the purchase price.
In short, in the Ukrainian village is quite possible to live prosperously and earn money. Only this will have to show much more creativity and hard work than when working in the metropolitan office.
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