How to insure against fraud in real estate transactions?

04.01.2011 14:25
Purchase and sale of real estate - the most money, and at the same time, the most dangerous. It does not matter what you buy, apartment, house or land in any case, this property is costly and, therefore, a real estate transaction so attracted to various frauds and scams. If the card tricksters and lohotronschiki type thimblerigger could "dilute" the man on the bag, equivalent to one salary, then the Grifters from property deprive unsuspecting citizens amounts comparable to the salary for the years of hard work. Therefore, the question: "How to insure against fraud in real estate transactions? has been and always will be alive.

Today, as before, the purchase of apartments, houses, land, or some other real estate investments require huge amounts of money. For example the cost of buying an apartment in Moscow is comparable with the salary per person per 100 years! This is a sizable fortune, to lose that nobody would have wanted, but it's real. The real estate market each year an increasing number of scams that crank their mischief so "gracefully", then what sort through them is difficult for even the most experienced lawyer. Accordingly, the risk of losing money or property is very high. It is difficult to prove the guilt of the swindler, even in court. This security and attracts swindlers of all kinds. That they oppose? And really there is not an ordinary person caught in the tricks of swindlers? Consider some examples.

The most common scam where people are offered an apartment at a price below the market. Greed prevails over prudence and as a result of people remain without money and without an apartment. For some reason, then the man in the incident has blamed the government, police, crooks, but not themselves. But that's exactly he had to be not only careful but also to prepare well in advance to the transaction.

That the buyer should consider before entering into a purchase and sale of real estate? It must take into account all! All of the factors relevant to the real estate market, he had to learn in advance. Layman is difficult to study the whole real estate market, but to know: how much apartment in the right area. and what determines the price, can virtually anyone. Apartment in Moscow can not cost as much as the apartment in Vorkuta. A flat in the center can not cost as much as similar in size and other parameters, but located in a residential area of the city. Remember this and do not let your emotions and fantasies get the better of reason. Miracles happen only in the lives of those who are ready for them. In the lives of others occur only incident. Be aware, scammers are on the alert!

Given that our citizens did not heed the voice of reason, professionals usually advise when purchasing property to use the services of legal professionals in real estate. Indeed, it is better to pay, even though a lot of money for legal advice or the support of the deal, than to lose all the money. He hired a lawyer, you will understand clearly what documents and terms on which you sign up. And it gives a strong guarantee in the prosperous outcome of the transaction for you. After the transaction may be invalidated by reason of false and set your signature.

Than in larger cities you buy a property, the more expensive it is. And hence, the risk of running into deception increases. Therefore, before such a serious matter as the buying and selling real estate, do not be lazy, and spend their money and time to study the market you are interested in real estate. Necessary information today is not difficult to find on the Internet. There are regional portals, real estate, where you can find all the legal and analytical information. If you prefer, you can get free legal advice services. In large cities because of the frequent cases of fraud in the housing market have been created and successfully operated a variety of associations to protect the real estate market. You must use all available opportunities and use the services of all those who have a long and successful in helping to conduct real estate transactions. If you do even this, then your chances for a successful transaction increase many times.

But even if you do read all the available information and hire professionals, you should not relax. The entire transaction process, from gathering documents to transfer the money should go under your control.
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