How to inspect purchased property?

20.10.2010 07:13
Articles about real estate | How to inspect purchased property? In this article, I would like to tell you about the proper examination of the apartment, you are going to acquire. Needless to say that very many people make erroneous conclusions on visual inspection of the apartment, which was why not take the right decision, which subsequently permanently spared.

To avoid a bad situation, you must begin to plan their actions at the examination room. First and foremost, of course, is to inspect the house itself. If the house is very old and has a great number of cracks, some of it you should definitely give up, because the state rarely allocates certain funds for the restoration of emergency rooms, which lead to a number of subsequent problems, writes Dom.ria.

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Before entering the apartment to pay attention to the basement, if it is constantly flooded, then you'll take it right away, and feel an unpleasant smell damp. Note also their attention to cleanliness and the presence of an entrance intercom (very desirable option). Carefully inspect the elevator and even ask about his work with neighbors.

Well, here you to the apartment, what should be the first to draw his attention? If the apartment is located on the first floor of the note on the wall, damp in the basement will certainly affect the safety of the walls, and you can see it immediately. If the apartment is located on the top floor, then you definitely should carefully examine the ceiling, as is often the roof leaks, the ceiling has the appropriate form. If in viewing the flat ceiling is plastered with fresh wallpaper, then you should certainly visit the housing office and ask for the keys to the attic, or just talk to the staff who will ask you for the coating quality of the home.

Naturally carefully inspect all the plumbing, look under the bath, open the sink in the kitchen. Old and rotten pipes immediately rush you in the eye. That such inspection will allow you to initially add some impression about the accuracy of the cost of the premises.

Pay attention to the windows - they are plastic or wood. If the wood, then take a more inspection attention, as the old wooden frames are often simply unusable, have huge gaps and cracks, which comes every year to gloss over and restore.

Inspect the door. It is also a very important parameter setting the price, do not waste any parts, and then you can actually buy an apartment of their dreams. It is important to learn about the heating system. All is fine - if the apartment individual heating system, if the central system, then you should ask the neighbors about the quality of heating in the winter time.

Inspect all the corners of rooms. If the corners have some cracks, so there is a problem with supporting structures, and from such an acquisition is initially refuse.

Ask about the water pressure and the quality of hot and cold water in the apartment, in this case the word master you can check instantly open taps and look the quality of pressure and heat. If the bathroom has a boiler - it is natural enough significant plus, which also affects the increase in value.

Oh, and carefully review the repairs - Inspect floors, walls, wallpaper, etc., if the repairs were made in haste, you will instantly see a closer examination. In this case, to pay for such repairs, as for the quality - just not worth it.

Naturally careful attention to the inspection of premises initially will allow you to form a valid opinion about a particular apartment, and will make a correct and rational choice, which then allows you to just enjoy the situation.
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