How to increase the value of your home?

06.01.2020 00:45
Selling a home is usually a last resort, since it involves a lot of love, effort, time and money. In any case it is better to have a house that is in any time can be sold profitably. And for this purpose behind the house to look.
Picture: How to increase the value of your own home?Let us consider all possible ways to increase the liquidity of your own home.

Facade work

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To keep the house, you must always, especially if age he already considerable. Any house with the time needed to warm and update. This will not only return attractive appearance, but also reduce the cost of heating. In the opinion of many builders, the best way to return the housing to its former glory, and at the same time and insulate it - use the plaster system of heat insulation. The plaster system performs several functions. Internal heat-insulating layer reduces heat loss and prolongs service life of the bearing constructions. Reinforcing layer finishing gives strength and finishing plaster protects the inner layers of the wet and carries a decorative function. Modern materials is much more durable materials of past years. So the plaster system САРАТЕСТ has an operational period of not less than 25 years.

The modern glass

Windows, balconies and verandas also require attention. If you still have that everywhere there are wooden window frames with a single layer glazing, the fact is, first, does not contribute to retain heat, and, secondly, lowers the value of the house. Modern plastic Windows can get rid of cold and drafts. In addition, you can glazing verandahs and use them not only in the warm season. Plastic systems of balcony glazing ideal for turning cold veranda in premises used all year round.

The attic and roof

Almost every house has an attic, but not always, this space is used wisely. If the size of the attic allows you stand tall, there you can make a complete mansard. For this it is necessary to insulate roofs of light and heat insulating material, covered up gipsokartonnymi plates and install skylights.

Should be carried out periodically and preventive repair of the roof of the substructure and coverage. Rotten crate should be regularly changed and rafters process antiseptic and антипиреновыми impregnation. You can also invest in roofing. Coverage from durable nylon or weather-resistant material solves the problem of leaks in the decades ahead. For example, you can use the metal tiles of steel with polymeric coating Colorcoat Prisma. This material has a 20 year warranty.

Winter garden

The organization of the winter garden should not be considered excessive luxury. And the idea itself can be put into life not for such huge money. Modern technologies make a small extension to almost any home. Of course, the big winter gardens may require installation of the heating boiler or combined heating system of radiators and «warm floors». Small winter gardens, the area of which does not exceed a few square metres, can receive heat from your home's heating system.


You must take care of communications. In a good home must be connected to the gas, electricity, water and Sewerage. In addition the condition of plumbers and electricians need to constantly monitor. All the damage necessary to eliminate. This will likely sell to invest less in urgent repairs, otherwise you will have to make substantial concessions in price.


The status of the territory for most buyers is of great importance. Buyers want to have a large garden, but however, they do not seek to acquire garden, which in the future will bring them a lot of hassle. But this does not mean that I should invite дорогущего landscape designer, you just need to garden looked unkempt.

Currently the garden does not look so attractive and necessary. Many expect the infield only aesthetic pleasure. As for the decision of this task is fine and neat lawn and flower-beds, and a more expensive solution - Alpine slides.

All these investments improve not only your comfort and liquidity of the building. However, these investments are long-term. And what if the house you want to sell urgently? In such a situation is quite justified and cosmetic repairs, and basic cleaning, and getting rid of залежалого rubbish. And you can listen to the opinion of Alexander Dubovenko: «Frankly speaking, in our time, urgent sale house at an attractive price sounds like madness. The first thing I would advise is to refuse this idea. If you need money, it is better to take a loan under this house. If you sell at a good price, then immediately not work. May can't even sell the house quickly and at a low price. Market is so constituted that the average exposure time should count on year.
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