How to improve the Feng Shui Apartment

23.10.2010 10:50
Articles about real estate | How to improve the Feng Shui Apartment You are always unlucky? Have you ever thought that this fault can not be properly matched the color of wallpaper or nevyterty table? To achieve the life harmony of Feng Shui offers its own original way.
Both positive and negative attention to the man may have its habitat - it was seen in the distant past. Feng shui - an ancient science of harmony between man and the world around him. This harmony will help us become a real mistress of the house.

Step one - get a pet

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To maintain the positive energy flows in the house should have a pet.
Best Pets Feng Shui is a bug. Brigandine bring stability to the house. However, it is possible and a frog, which according to legend protect against hazards and slovenly. The tiger symbolizes the feminine, so the woman is logical to find yourself in the form of a tiger cat.

Step Two - look at the hallway and front door

Any Apartment starts from the door, so if the door is the stairs or on top of it, should hang a mirror to reflect the medium-size negative energy.
The same technique can be used if the door to an apartment located opposite each other. You can still hang on the arm of a bell or bunch of coins - it attracts the house money.
Log in housing should be well lit. If, at the entrance is too dark, then play around with colors and reinforce lighting.
That you are not haunted feeling of apathy and fatigue, should be kept in a clean hallway constantly. Pad near the entrance door should match the color of the direction of the front door. Some feng shui masters are advised to put under the mat three copper or gold coins. These coins help to attract good fortune.
In general, when a guest comes, he should see a room for general use, rather than individual family members. In the future this may lead to fragmentation of the family.

Step Three - bathroom and toilet

A major requirement is considered quite normal habit - clean and tidy. But otherwise, the Feng Shui whims. Environment should be as simple as possible. If the bathroom in the southern part of the apartment, the door should hang a mirror, and the walls need to be bluish or blue. If you do not like - hang pictures fish and waves on the walls. If possible, place the plant in a closet.
And yet it is very important to cover the toilet was always closed, as through an open well-being will always leave. If the toilet is in the same room with bath, block off some of its partition.
It is important that rag, Schwartz and things like that were kept in a safe place inaccessible to the eye, but otherwise would not be luck tenants.

Step Four - look at the room where you eat

Often the living room and dining room are located in the same room. In such cases, should be separated from the eating area resorts. For the dividing line can serve any wardrobe or a wooden lattice.
Since "hruschevke" from the ceilings of two and a half meters can be used with light fixtures, which is directed upwards. This will help to visually increase the ceiling height.
Mirrors, which are so welcome to feng shui should be used in the dining room. They not only increase the space visually, but also increase the number of meals in half, making a meal twice as fun.
While ideally the chairs and the walls should be, in our kitchens is not always possible. The main thing to observe those rules that actually do, and remember - the chairs should be even, and the table must not stand in front of the entrance.
Meal in front of the toilet not only spoils the appetite, but also worsens the situation in the family. If the dining table is adjacent to the wall of the toilet, this impacts negatively on health.
If the table is between two doors in the room, you should hang over the door of musical suspension, or welfare of the house will float away permanently.
Never eat out of cracked or chipped off dishes. This could end badly.
Drink at the table of transparent glasses filled with clear liquid - they will play the role of your energy crystals.

Step Five - to work on the living room

Living room - it's not just a place the whole family, but also a place of communication, when the house guests come. Living room should not be too bright and noisy, but also it should be warm, inviting and well lit. With wall lights and plants Overclock energy. If possible hang the mirror on the protruding wall - this will help create a sense of depth.
Armchairs and sofas is put back to the walls, and television in the corner - this corner will be the area of wealth and affluence.
Do not keep books on open shelves - it will eventually lead to the emergence of diseases and ailments. In an extreme case, set flush with the edge of the book shelves - it will reduce the harmful effects.
On the wall in the living room hang pictures, which are attended by all family members and always in a good mood. It will bring luck into your home.
Above the center of the room place a chandelier - a zone of luck.

Step Six - the mystery of the bedroom

Take a beautiful vase and fill it with semiprecious stones or glass. Jewelry as well suited for this purpose. Hide this vase in a closet or chest (but it is important that the furniture has not been located opposite the entrance to the bedroom) and no one shows what you have hidden and where. These actions can lead you to financial prosperity.

Step Seven - a bit about the corridor

If the corridor is long enough - to strengthen on the walls of mirrors, creating the effect of wave-like motion. Such a set can be done using wall lights, ornaments and pots of flowers, of course, if space permits.

And by the way ...

Promotion of energy in the house can be improved by using devices such as: "the sound of water, bell, wind chimes. Loudly ticking clock also create a nice background sound.
Orange in Feng Shui symbol of prosperity. Try to grow an orange tree home and put in an unfavorable part of the apartment - it will help make this the place for you less dangerous. Just for this purpose you can use lemon tree.
Curtains should match the color direction. Before buying and hanging curtains to find out which side out the window, and then find out what color you want.
The house is desirable to symbolize of primary elements. Be sure to symbolize the water - a symbol of wealth. It can be represented by a black or blue, a small aquarium or a picture of the fish. Just water symbolizes the marine landscape, glass, mirror.
The tree is a symbol of growth, nutrition and creativity. It can be represented by any plants or flowers, green. Just a tree symbolizing wooden objects and images of trees.
At home a symbol of fire increased level of activity. They can be represented by candles or lamps.
The symbol of the earth are all the pottery and the color yellow and yellowish-brown. Their use will bring you practicality.
Enterprise and versatility encourage various metal objects (especially coins). Metal flowers are white, gold, silver.
And remember - too much representation of one of the elements lead to negative consequences.
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