How to improve the ecological situation in the capital

02.05.2011 16:25
Articles about real estate | How to improve the ecological situation in the capital Although Kiev is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, the city has enough problems. Abandoned hazardous facilities, absence of Ekozashchita in some enterprises, the shortage of landfill waste, the newspaper "Today".

The capital recycles only 5% of the waste, although could increase this figure to 30-60%. The rest of the debris is destroyed or buried in landfills, and their capabilities have been exhausted. Suffer from Kiev and from vehicle exhaust. Compared with Moscow, the number of carbon dioxide emissions have 4 times less, but it is growing rapidly. At the same time, according to a survey of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which is developing a "Strategy for Development of Kiev until 2025, 32% of Kyiv residents want to see their city as" the most environmentally-friendly metropolis. "

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Project manager of the company Sergey Perapechka BCG believes that the priority in improving the environmental situation should be to reduce emissions, protection of existing and the planning of new green areas of the city, the certification of enterprises of the city by world environmental standards, elaboration of the Kiev region of a joint plan for garbage disposal.

Among the suggestions of experts - the construction of noise screens (high plastic fences along the highways), planting green strips of trees and shrubs. Regulation of traffic, improvement of water supply pumping stations, improvement of coastal zones and alteration of polygons in the production sites for recycling.

The experts shared their ideas on how to improve the ecological situation in the capital.

Struggle with traffic jams.
One of the problems of the capital - cork. Because of them the amount of carbon dioxide in the air increased by one third. "Kiev needs a center analysis of crisis situations. It is sufficient to establish a 20-30 small weather stations in the most gas-polluted places where most traffic jams - Victory Square, Kiev bridges, district Shulyavka, Bus. Sensor stations record the level of gas concentration in the air. As soon as he becomes critical, they transmit this information to the processing center. And experts decide - switches the traffic lights or a few hours doing one of the parallel streets one-way to quickly skip the car, "- George offers Lisichenko, corresponding member of NASU, deputy director of the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

"That car is not stuck in traffic jams and gazovali need to remove parking from the roadsides. And build underground and multistory parking lots," - said Yurii Samoilenko, head of NGO "Green Peace".

Dangerous enterprise. "The most dangerous businesses in the capital are considered" Radon ", which deals with disposal of radioactive waste, the company" Zahid ", which uses beryllium. And also the storage of chlorine" Kyivvodokanal "Plant" Energia ", - says Vladimir Zhmutsky, expert Razumkov Center, a member of the public Board Development Strategies in Kiev until 2025. "

According to experts, these and many other businesses to make capital out of the city, and the remaining force to establish modern systems of environmental cleanup. "Another question - where to make the enterprise. Talk about moving toward being a long time, but it is necessary that the leaders of Kiev region and sit down and decide once and for all - how to do it," - says Zhmutsky.

Water. To people of Kiev in the same way as the inhabitants of Budapest and Vienna, could drink water from the tap, you need to install powerful treatment facilities. "And we are still the water is chlorinated, although there are other means. It is also possible in each house to install doochistnye installation", - said Vladimir Zhmutsky. In Kiev have already adopted the program "Drinking water" that can solve this problem. It provides for the replacement of all pipes, installation of treatment facilities and replacement of chlorine.

To ensure Kiev clean water, need to do and well-room. "Earlier in the Pump Room every month allocated 15-20 ths. The money went to the water analysis, repair and maintenance of pump-room. Now everything run," - said Yurii Samoilenko. And according to George Lisichenko in Kiev pump room built with disabilities. "Poorly insulated surface layers, and the result now byuvetnuyu water fall surface water, so it is not the best quality." If repair all the pump room and find their host, the people of Kiev can get clean drinking water.

Island. "To preserve our islands, we must strictly ban the entry of machinery there. And also, finally, to adopt amendments to laws that would ban put cars on lawns. We dragged the quay Rusanovskaya floating restaurants. Moreover, they pollute the water for its waste (there No hospital sewage), as guests of these restaurants and casinos are parked directly in front of them on lawns, in parks, "- said Vladimir Zhmutsky.

IL - to heat. One of the dangers that may threaten the capital - the sludge fields Bortnicheskoy WWTP. They can at any moment to break through, and will be flooded surrounding areas. "This waste can easily be recycled to heat. We have developed a special unit, which only need to put right next to these fields. Its uniqueness is that we will be able to burn a wet sludge and produce thermal energy. She can heat homes. Emissions virtually no "- said Giorgi Lisichenko.

Rubbish. Urgent need to address problems with rubbish. According Zhmutsky need to build a new modern waste processing plant, but very far away from residential areas. In addition, it is necessary to invite internationally known companies, which finally will be engaged in segregation and recycling

Leaves. Every autumn of our parks, gardens take out tons of leaves, turning them into normal household waste. "This is a big mistake. Environmentalists St. Petersburg have a European approach. Now, there leaves only clean the tracks, playgrounds and streets. And on the ground near the trees they do not touch. Because fallen leaves form a new soil. Look at our parks: only center are imported new earth, and in other parks, where the leaves clean out, stick the bare roots of trees. From this tree is dry, "- says Alex Vasilyuk, deputy head of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

But even harvested leaves can be used.
"In Prague, around town there are small businesses that recycle fallen leaves for fertilizer - vermicompost. They can be used to fertilize trees and lawns in the city. However, first we need to ban the use of road salt for sprinkling, which contains the sodium: it spoils the chestnuts," - says Elena Lutsishin, zavlaboratoriey Science Center Ecomonitoring NASU.

Parks. Kiev also need new parks. "For example, in the Kiev Landscape Initiative" is a very interesting project - to remove the road along the embankment of the Dnieper River in the tunnel, and landed on top park, make a pedestrian zone. Thus, the historical image return to Kiev, where the slopes are gradually coming to the Dnieper, "- says Alex Vasilyuk. On this idea will require a lot of money. But if it is really implemented, the environmental situation in the center of seriously improved.

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