How to help troubled objects?

07.07.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | How to help troubled objects? The problem of construction in progress in our country is still relevant. How to help troubled facilities and what to do to such a situation does not recur in the future, Partskhaladze told Leo, head of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine. Many market players need to raise the issue of registration of construction in progress.

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L. Partskhaladze: This is a necessary measure. Recently, at the BP committee considered an amendment to the law under which prompted the registration rights to the unfinished. We've got about four thousand objects of unfinished construction. There are many commercial real estate, and about two thousand residential real estate. In Kiev, 40-50 - the objects of concern, there has always been fraudulently violated, such as elite center, but it is complicated objects, conflict, because the population had invested the money back but can not get no money, no apartment , building costs, the situation is unclear.

After discussing this issue, the committee agreed to accept the amendment - the introduction of registration of unfinished projects. This is very important to improve the situation for people who have invested money and now hang in the air. What exactly are the benefits? Caught a lot of advantages for people in this situation. After registering unfinished investors can get their interest, and this asset is liquid, it can re-sell, pledge, under it is possible to attract investment, to take the credit. Because today, people have spent large sums of money, even 100% of the cost, and unfinished, for example, almost ready by 50%. When this amendment will be included in the BP?

L. Partskhaladze: The date as long as I can not say, but, as I understand it, it will happen soon, before the holidays. What other mechanisms to protect private investors are offered to enhance the market?

L. Partskhaladze: Now a wave of strikes and protests - the years passed, the houses are unfinished, without change, and people - investors do not find physical ways to resolve your problem, do not see that their interests are protected. Today we must, above all, to exclude the possibility that the future is going to happen. How to deal with it now? There are unfinished objects, and to blame for most developers are amateurs, amateurs who have undertaken it. And I would not call them developers have, they do not have to build any relationship. They decided to take the land, began to sell the apartment, without even starting construction, the result could not even add two plus two, and eventually have a big problem and created an even greater problem for the population. People believed, and carried their money ... House painted, the picture is beautiful - the money was given. As a result I know of several situations where people have taken the loan, construction loan money invested today are struggling to make ends meet, paying bank, and the object in its eighth year, did not bring into operation, moreover, the owners are hiding, changing, going criminal the case ... How do you propose to solve this rather common problem?

L. Partskhaladze: It is necessary that the State has assumed responsibility. The object is given for three years. Not built? Even a maximum of two to three years. If this deadline passes, and the owner has not handed over the keys of the apartments to investors, should be introduced temporary manager, appointed by the state. Today, from a legal point of view, can not enter into this organization and restore order, and today's rulers can not cope with the task. And in this stalemate people suffer. We want to make such an amendment to the state could intervene, automatically pick up all the property and all rights to the land, then build their own relationships with investors. What are the limitations you are offering to fix legislatively?

L. Partskhaladze: We're going to make this proposal for discussion by the committee. The question is very delicate, difficult, we must pay attention. We want to make a few suggestions that did not happen in the future such problems. When a person receives an order for the construction, it is town planning board. After this, all planning decisions - the number of apartments, footage - it should make a mandatory pre-registration of flats. Thus, when the implementation will be apartments, double sales there will be no pre-registration fraud exclude this possibility.

And another factor that will protect the market very well - it is insurance for flats, which are sold to commissioning. Yes, in some countries is allowed for sale only after commissioning. In Moscow, when the situation occurred, similar to our Elite Centre, there were about 60 such objects, the Moscow city government has banned selling apartments to commissioning home. Immediately by 60% up prices. In fact, benefited only the banks. Affected population affected developers. The best option out of this situation, we see the obligatory insurance of the builder to third parties, just as valid today we have a Motor Third. The percentage of high-quality insurance may be from 0.5 to 2% maximum. Insurance will pay the contractor, but it is much cheaper for the customer, because if he is to decide on buying an apartment to commissioning, the price can be 20% cheaper. Moreover, insurance can take into account the timing of construction, and quality can be discussed and a lot of other factors.

Another suggestion - prohibition to sell apartments at sites readily, for example, less than 70%. All versions must be considered. We as the Confederation of Builders in the near future, we want to gather interested people and discuss all the proposals, how to do so in the future, this situation is not repeated in order to increase the confidence of private investors.

Leo Partskhaladze Chairman, Confederation of Builders of Ukraine

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