How to get their land?

18.09.2010 13:10
Articles about real estate | How to get their land? "10 hectare of land free of charge to every citizen" - that is spelled out in the Ukrainian legislation. However, as practice shows, the word "free" in Ukraine does not always mean "without money". To get a guaranteed allotment law, must be paid in several instances more than one thousand hryvnia.

The law promised but

The Land Code of Ukraine, article 118 - that it guarantees the free allotment for housing. However, do not rush to believe what the document says.

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"It's a bit populist move - unrealistically priced", - said Vladimir Karpuk, - Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. "As a rule - it is impossible" - the opinion of the deputy of the Kiev Rada Tatiana Melikhovo ... And it is claimed the MPs who represent our interests, and, apparently, the guarantors of the laws that they have adopted the same. However, the fact remains - especially unrealistic to obtain land in the capital and other major cities. So, what is really privatization scheme 10 sotok?
First: write an application addressed to the Mayor, that you have found a free site and ... wait. If you are lucky, then after a certain number years in the department of land about it you can and something and say. Another option - find unoccupied territory themselves, and you let her compete. But it should pay - the start of a thousand hryvnia. Next, according to the scheme: the documents give the harmonization of the city council session. The latter should have their say - "allocate" or "no".
"Typically, people refuse, or tell us that we should go around the circle, gather the necessary documents or reports that the land belongs to someone. They say it does not land reserve of the city. If it does supply the city, the question arises - it is a private development, whether it can give a garden, "- said Deputy Kyivrada Tatiana Melikhova. According to her, out of 100 applications for the allocation of legal land in Kyiv City Council agree to only 10%.

Yes or no?
If you want the MPs said - "yes", it is necessary to convince them. Someone is making money, others enjoy good relations, or connect the influential friends. If the deputies gave good - not in a hurry to rejoice. It only agreed to produce documentation to privatize allotment. Here and start a headache.
The first thing you need - get a certificate stating how much the estimated area and its legal status. Then - the conclusion of planning and architecture, the paper that relate to the protection of monuments of history, archeology and art sanitary-epidemiological data, the act of public utilities, reflecting a survey of greenery. Round out the management of environment and natural resources. Note that the "fly in" on these documents can be several thousand dollars.
Go ahead. If you have collected the necessary papers, carry a package of documents to the Municipality to the Land Commission. Do not over tighten, because each of them has its own validity, and if the wait, you'll have to do everything, or to pay again. However, this does not guarantee that the deputies will consider your question in the affirmative.
"It lasts for years, through the money goes to tens of thousands. End in there. I know this example. I have a cottage on the banks of the Dnieper. If that all goes well, all right, collect the documents, everything, on the law, all suits, but we can not privatize, "- said the expert of the land market Sergey Infusion. Is worth to remember that at the same Chernigov, in contrast to the Crimea and Kiev - different lands. "Definitely get the 10 hundredths in the capital - this is unrealistic because the holdings are worth lots of money. And free them just will not give up. However, if the Constitution guarantees, then must take the next step - to improve the law and to provide land," - predicted Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Karpuk. And, then, it remains one - wait and gather information.

According to the Land Code of Ukraine (Article .121) 10 hectare - this is the minimum, which can count grakzhdanin Ukraine. In fact, everyone has the right to privatize some parts of such dimensions, namely:
4,2 ha for farming;
2 hectares for personal farming;
12 ares for gardening;
25 hectare for construction of houses in the village;
15 hundred parts to build a house in PGT;
10 hundred parts to build a house in the city;
10 hundred parts for the construction of villas;
A weaving for the construction of the garage.

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