How to get free land from the state

16.01.2011 13:26
Articles about real estate | How to get free land from the state Want to build a house, but not own land - take from the state.

Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that land is a national treasure, and every person has the right to use land or receive it in the property. In particular, these issues are governed by the Land Code of Ukraine, which says that citizens have the right to obtain land for free, "- says Alla Semenchenko-Raykivskaya, a lawyer, wrote UBR.

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You need to petition the local council. Following the development of land administration and approval procedures, the final decision must be made within two weeks. However, you can wait your turn and a few years, lawyers say. In addition, if you actually live in the district center, and applying for a site, such as capital, land, you will not be.

"This, on the one hand, talks about the definition of discrimination, on the other hand, every region, every region has its own land, claimed by many. It's very bad when there is a certain criteria, but when they are poorly spelled out in legislation, there are many issues. It will be essential place of work, residence, time during which a person lives, paying taxes.

But the final decision will be made relevant council and the administration. There are appropriate plans and turns, according to which, if there is a person with certain privileges, they are priority. In principle, we can decide positively on that person, but rarely are taken, "- said Alla Semenchenko-Raykivskaya, a lawyer.

Land Code provides - for gardening citizens are entitled to 12 hectare. To build a house in the village donated allocate no more than 25 in urban settlements - 15 acres, in the city - 10. For the erection of garages provided a weaving. For the farm - 2 hectares.
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