How to get an apartment from the state

07.03.2011 18:30
Articles about real estate | How to get an apartment from the state In 2011, the state will spend 150 million USD. for youth loans.

State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance this year plans to issue loans to a record amount for the agency - 150 million hryvnia, which a quarter more than last year. Of these, nearly half of funding - 60 million USD. - Falls on the state budget, 31 million - capital of the Fund and 40-45 million be allocated from local budgets.

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According to the "case" provided to the Fund, the leaders in issuing loans to youth at the expense of local budgets are Donetsk, Lugansk, Nikolayev and Dnepropetrovsk region.

"For 10 years the Foundation, we have provided shelter for more than 28 thousand young families. In 2010, the shelter received 390 families. In 2011, due to all the Foundation's programs will provide housing for at least a thousand families ", - said the" case "in the Fund. In each of the regional administration in the queue for the youth in the average loan is 500-600 families. In general, in Ukraine there are about 12 - 13 thousand

Problems of age

The newspaper "Work" has decided to find out who can get credit and that the youth need to do to prove that lucky. Throughout the world youth loans is rather popular and is available long time ago, in Ukraine as it is just beginning to gain momentum, and with the constant change of power is constantly changing and its conceptual component. Proof of this is that although the youth program lending in our country has been operating for over ten years, its share is so small that no effect on the real estate market as a whole.

"The idea of the youth credit is good, but you have to try everything in practice. We've already had several such programs. I would not say that they are working effectively "- says the president of the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine Alexander Rubanov.

Reduce youth age

Now the law youth credit is granted only to people who have not attained 35 years of age, and can get it and a young family and a lonely young man or woman. The term of the loan for 30 years. However, earlier this year Minsemi initiated the decline of the boundary of the youth age bracket up to 29 years.

Experts believe that such measures are taken to reduce the cost of municipal authorities and the state budget. "The concept of the new government - to increase the retirement age and reduce youth. Will certainly be greatly reduced contingent of people who can get credit. Thus, from the list of potential recipients of the loan will fall once a generation, "- said city council member of the Standing Committee on Family, Youth and Sport Dmitry Andrievsky.

How to pay

Raises another problem - not every inhabitant of our country, and 29 years old can earn enough to get the youth loan amount, even such as officials say, "fire-sale prices." The right to privileged youth loan can be obtained only in the State Fund Youth Housing Assistance. The Foundation provides young families and single young people at a discounted loan programs and partial compensation for bank lending rates of commercial banks.

When the family gathered the entire list of documents and received in the fund a certificate of the right to partial compensation, it selects one of the banks, which cooperates with the Fund (more than a dozen). Fund opens a bank account to which the family lists 6% of the total loan amount as a down payment. The size of the loan for construction of housing is determined by the regional office of the Fund at the rate of 21 square. m of living space per family member and an additional 10 square meters. meters per family.

As for lending rates, the family, who have no children, pays a loan with a rate of 3% per annum. Families with children are exempt from paying interest on the loan. In this case, 25% of the loan a family with two children repay the Fund. And for families with three or more children - 50% of the loan amount.
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