How to get a 10 hectare metropolitan land for free?

07.03.2011 12:20
Articles about real estate | How to get a 10 hectare metropolitan land for free? City council session on February 10 reviewed 234 applications of citizens who wished to get to 10 metropolitan ares of land in private ownership. Free.

The right to own at least 10 hundred square meters of Ukrainian land is guaranteed to every citizen. Land is given free of charge in any region of your choice. It is written in Article 121 of the Land Code, and thanks to this article, their right to free allotment, for example, in Kiev, has already successfully implemented - you would not believe! - 82.2 thousand people

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Fall under the distribution

Until last summer, the names of these lucky people, and information about the location of their plots can be found in the archives of city council. However, in July, there came men in plain clothes, accompanied by masked gunmen and for some reason the dog, and took away documents. Keepers of the Archives of men in civilian clothes taken away from him. Since then, the head of city council land management Svetlana Makeyev located in the metropolitan detention center, and the chairman of the Land Commission Alexei Yevlakh city council - in a similar institution in the German town of Weiterstadt. He was detained at the request of the Ukrainian branch of Interpol in fatal for Ukrainian officials airport Frankfurt-am-Main, and February 15, the German court must decide whether to extradite him.

Land chiefs are accused of negligence and forgery. But if someone thinks that in light of these developments, the application of article 121 of the Land Code in Kiev, in any case suspended willful decision city council, then absolutely nothing. This week to 10 metropolitan ares of land should be transferred to 234 individuals in private ownership.

Desperate people - Kiev deputies, nothing at all afraid, you might think - and again wrong. Of course, the fear, but in time trouble, they do not have time to think about the consequences. Now preparing a law on the land market, the entry into force which will entail a lot of changes to the rules of the game. In particular, it will most likely have orders to live long and Article 121 of the Land Code in its current wording, which guarantees free weave all Ukrainians.

The bill on the land market will go to parliament in March, but then there will begin hearing the land, so that the time for free distribution of ares in the capital is almost gone. There can be no oglyadok the sad fate of Alexei and Svetlana Evlakh Makeeva and yet, by the way, half a dozen arrested land chiefs of lower rank, whose names do not matter.

Really really tempting to jump into the last car leaving the train and stake out for a 10 hectare if not in the Pechersk district, at least in raw or left bank of the capital.

Scandalous weave

Originally, Article 121 of the Land Code was intended for rural residents. But then decided that she was not hurt and the citizens living in the private sector and have holiday homes. In this way, for them simply clips to what is already there. On a mine laid in the law, if any of the legislators, and thought it mean not filed. The result was a bottomless trough for corrupt officials and those elected by the people who are duty-bound to provide free land.

From time to time flashed public scandals. Of the most high-profile can recall media reports on the allocation of city council session on October 1, 2007 of land in Forest-Vodice and Concha Zaspa 286 students. Also in 2007 the media reported on the allocation of land to build houses deputy Leonid Chernovetsky Vitaly Zhuravsky and his son in Goloseyevsky region of Kiev.

Enough in any Internet search engine type the words "10 hectare", without specifying any parameters, and there will be several thousand links to endless rehash of similar stories. But no useful information, all these revelations are not. Is that once again confirm that in any good business "the right of first night" are exclusively chiefs that and so we all know.

Much more interesting to see whether it is possible in principle to obtain the site and there will be enough to them at all comers.

Hospitable capital

According Kievzema, to land subject to the transfer of free citizens in the property, now include: 24,2 thousand sites for construction of residential houses with garden plots with total area of 1,538.4 hectares, 2,3 thousand sites for gardening area of 189.9 hectares of land for the construction of suburban area of 13.9 hectares. Only about 27 thousand holdings.

According to official statistics, the capital of 2,7 million live in Kiev (how many "come in large numbers here in Kiev, nobody really believed, and we believe we will not). To Kiev to get 100 applicants for one site in the capital.

Not so much. It's not all 99 of your competitors will be the big boss of the category of "masters of life, even as many chiefs in Kiev unavailable. In short, it could compete for its 10 hectare in the capital, were it not for one thing.

The law does not bind to the residence or the birth of the applicant on the ground. Inhabitant of Crimea has the right to land in Kiev and Kharkov can get a 10 hectare in Dnepropetrovsk, if so desired.

So-called regional elites have long and actively use their legitimate right to the capital weave. Kievans remember a wave of Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and then the ninth wave, which in turn were rolled on the capital in the nineties of the last century and this century zero.

There were, incidentally, is not as noticeable, "Migrations." "In the middle of the first decade of the two thousandth's entire tracts of land near Kiev privatized residents of Transcarpathian region", - said the lawyer Maxim Kodunov. To him we can only add that it was unfortunate that the main zakarpatets country Viktor Baloga, the then head of the Presidential Secretariat.

And so it happened that in Kiev today, the land is no longer even "for the".

A family affair

During the years of article 121 of the Land Code of the failure mechanism of an ordinary applicant for capital weave worked out to perfection.

"Under current rules the citizen himself must find a site and submit it bid - explained Tatiana Melihova, a member of the commission on land tenure, urban design and architecture of city council. - But in fact it turns out that one section refers to the local area, the other is owned by Kievavtodor "or" Kievzelenstroyu, under the third are engineering the network, the fourth - is free, but reserved for construction of the neighborhood. And every time a person is denied. One could take the map of Kiev and show everyone wishing to sites that can be given for construction, but do it nobody will, because it is tantamount to murder. Imagine how many will want to qualify for these plots. "

The same opinion is shared by the director of analytical research center "The Institute of Alexander Sergienko:" Do you find vacant land, for example somewhere in Zhulyanah, come with documents in the city council and are applying for. With very high probability there will appear some "Afghani", which by law is entitled to an extraordinary allocation of land, and found your site is issued for this benefit recipients. After a while he, of course, it sells for token money to the right people. "

They say that the alleged scheme to obtain free ares in Kiev still exists. Written in a combination of two applications for land allocation, such as husband and wife. They distinguish two portions, wherein the second immediately transferred into the ownership of the authorities.

Thus an act put on pay-per-second. Perhaps such a method exists, just judging from the available lists of applicants for free capital weave, husband and wife will be here is not enough: in the lists we have seen up to nine identical names with initials, suggests that carriers of these names - members of one family.

Weave zabesplatno ...

Express poll, suggests that even now among the people of Kiev are people, first heard about his right to a plot of land within the boundaries of the capital. Their small, but they are. A vast majority of respondents of their right to know, but refers to it as a utopia, and felt that even to try to realize it does not make sense.

With respect to Kiev, they are right, but that does not come as a pebble on the Kiev, but he has the whole country. To exercise the right of every Ukrainian to 10 hectare requires about 45 thousand square kilometers It is only 7% of the entire territory of Ukraine, that is enough land for all in abundance. Our experts say that as the distance from regional centers and reduce the attractiveness of the region increases the number of free plots, and the authorities have become more accommodating.

"Do not be naive in Kyiv without additional incentives to get the land as a private citizen is not realistic. But at least spoiled villages a few years ago, this scheme has successfully operated, - said Alexander Sergienko. - For example, in the villages of the Chernigov region could be relatively easy to get a plot of 25 hectare. But do not rule out that there already figured out what was happening. "

... And for the money

Why Living in a megacity is the ground for hundreds of miles from his city apartment? This question difficult to answer unequivocally.

Firstly, there are beautiful places in small towns and villages. Secondly, by law a citizen of Ukraine relies far more than the 10 hectare (see "useful"). Thirdly, the land is free, and wherever it was, some money someday so it will cost. It's like what you offer money, but you pucker and say that much money and feel like their hands to dirty.

Get free slice of Ukraine no one will try to persuade. On the contrary, the current government says it intends to stop flagrant squandering of property you can sell for money. To do this, as if, and preparing a law on the land market. And what will it be the market if it will dump all the more than 40 million Ukrainians, offering 7% of Ukraine at affordable prices? Goodness knows what will be, and not the market! So the free privatization seems to really end in the near future, and your own piece of the homeland will remain the land of promise (that is, in modern language - promised) forever.

When this happens, do not be offended that you was not warned and you did not use a piece of Ukrainian law to privatize the province.


According to the Land Code of Ukraine (Article 121) 10 hectare - this is the minimum, which can expect a citizen of Ukraine. Besides, everyone has the right to privatize:

4,2 ha for farming;

2 hectares for personal farm;

12 ares for gardening;

25 hectare for construction of houses in the village;

15 hundred parts to build a house in the village;

10 hundred parts to build a house in the city;

10 hundred parts for the construction of villas;

1 sq.m. for the construction of the garage.
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