How to find a husband with a flat

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- Do not sit on the corner, and then get married do not go! - Says the girl, sitting at the dinner table with the edge, with the angle. But there is another version of the popular features: if you sit at a table in the corner, then the husband will be the "corner".

From the corner - this with your own home. With apartments, rooms or even a place in a hostel: for every age - his own. How do you find it, her husband to "corner"?

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First, let's really be defined with any accommodation from the object of interest. Place in a hostel - the easiest option. They have a young non-resident students. Search these can be in any high school (but better during the session). Or - in a club, cinema, places of mass skating and other recreational facilities. This, incidentally, the reason to look for a student in high school not during the session is useless.

But, unfortunately, the "corner" in the form of a dorm room - a temporary thing. Buy this room can not deliver through the generations - too. All the best, then only: marrying a student to register with them in the "hostel" and a separate room for the family. But again, this registration - time is given before the end of university studies. But a promising option is possible: for families of young teachers, graduate students and talented scientists to 35 years there is a program, "a young family - affordable housing." Participants of this program city officials give the apartment free of charge or on a scaled-down loan. So if you want a separate home - make the soldier from the general. That is, from a student - a promising scholar.

We are looking for a husband with more housing
Room in the apartment or communal. Here the scope of search wide. Let's see who can have a separate room. It is obvious that it is men who are the owners of the apartment along with another someone. Most likely, with his own family - his parents or his wife and children. Or with those and others. Cons of such a man are obvious. If he is an adult, but still lives with his parents, then the hardness of his character and independence is waning. An adult living with his parents because he's so convenient: there is someone to take care of him. And if you start with this man to live together, you inevitably have to face all the challenges of living with relatives. This quarrel, and clarify the rights and duties and to uphold the position "I'm home chief!" It is not always such a "gain" to housing is appropriate. In principle, if the apartment more than three rooms, then over time it will be possible to trade off and live separately from their parents. And if it is less - that, alas. "Kopeck piece" is exchanged for two "odnushki" only in theory but in reality it needs to pay the rather big amount, and live in a studio apartment still cramped.

If a man shares an apartment with his wife (sometimes - is the former), then this is not a very good option. He can not live with my wife on the same living space physically, but his wife is probably half the area of ??the apartment owner as jointly acquired property. And, accordingly, sooner or later, will inherit his living space or simply require to share an apartment to get his share. Part of the apartment and the children will inherit if they they were. A second wife in the presence of a large family of the husband, perhaps from the apartment will not get anything.

How to find a man with his own apartment?
This does not necessarily prove a person is very wealthy. Prospective husband may live in a new, paying for her mortgage, get an apartment in the inheritance; get it from the city under a contract of social employment. If your case - the last, the man and his family have long been a waiting list for housing improvement. And it is exactly what is in the capital, they live more than 10 years. In the case of inheritance is also likely a Moscow registration. So look for husbands from among the Muscovites. In the case of a mortgage can be a potential husband, and the number of promising professionals from the region. But the mortgage is not available to everyone, but only those with big enough for monthly loan payments "white" wages. Possible option - the manager of the higher or middle managers in large companies. Looking for a husband at work.

And finally, the owner of luxury apartments should be a very wealthy man, and busy. These people work hard for the benefit of their own business, they always stay on the road and in the negotiations. Meet with a representative self-sustaining men can, catching him between meetings. For example, at the airport, at a press conference or in a London hotel foyer.

Thus, men who have an apartment, can be very different - from student to director of a large company. And when we first met is very difficult to determine whether he has his home or not. And yet - it is possible.

Own apartment - it's not just a place where you can relax after work or spend the night. Contents of the apartment - it is also a great work and responsibility. The apartment is constantly demands money and moral investment - that the pipe burst, the windows must be replaced by new, you have to buy a new sofa, suitable for curtains. A person living in their own housing, strives to make your home comfortable and beautiful, and certainly reflects the inner world of the owner. Therefore, the man with the flat, always ready to talk about repairs. Although, if only because not so long ago changed the pipe or wallpaper paste. So if you want to know for sure whether your new friend your own home, ask his advice on the choice of construction crews. If he was encouraged to advise and buckles get into the notebook after a telephone foreman - this is our client!

Finally, after much searching and many acquaintances you have managed to find a man who has his own apartment. Now you need to find an answer to the question - whether he is married. But here we will no longer advisers.
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