How to evaluate the quality of a country house for buying?

11.10.2010 06:42
Articles about real estate | How to evaluate the quality of a country house for buying? When buying a car, usually taken in the showroom with a friend of the expert. This requirement is strictly enforced, if you purchase the machine used. But, for some reason, buying houses or townhouses, the future owners of lightly hoping to get lucky, and that the house built on a turnkey basis, and as such will not require maintenance and investment of additional funds. Potential owners are interested in the documents of property and land owned, and then evaluate the appearance of the building and pass through the rooms. At this inspection is usually completed.

If you do not want to risk a considerable amount, then bring to inspect the country house specialist friend, believe, learn a lot about the construction process and all its ways. And from this are not insured as expensive houses in the Obukhov direction, as well as residential estates and townhouses economy class Makarov District. If you do not have the time or opportunity to build your home yourself, it will try to accurately assess the quality of the finished cottage.

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First of all, you need to inspect the basement, even if you purchase townhouses on the second floor.
The main problem in the construction of a high water table, so the slightest presence of moisture in the cellar or the mold on the walls suggests that the waterproofing of the foundation with errors, and at worst, it is not. Over time, possible shrinkage and cracking walls.

After the basement must inspect the attic, one sees the leaks in the roof, while at the same time assess the quality of insulation. In dry weather, check the tightness of the roof is more complicated than in the spring during snowmelt. Generally, spring - the best time to buy suburban real estate. All the shortcomings of the heating system, waterproofing, sealing the roof visible to the naked eye. Maybe that's why cottage villages do not see the buyers at this time of year.

Be sure to check the ease of opening all windows and doors. The slightest glitch says that finishing the house was done until it is full shrinkage. It is likely that you'll have some time to change the plastic windows or reinstall the door.

Many cottage settlements occupy land without a centralized gas supply, so buying townhouses and country houses, it is necessary to clarify how organized by heating homes. Heating with electricity could one winter to eat the entire cost of purchasing property in a remote area with no centralized gas supply.

When buying a wooden house to take a moisture meter to determine moisture content of lumber, of which built a cottage. Advance on the internet or ask a friend's expert, what the optimum moisture content must be one or other timber. Exceeding humidity suggests that the construction saved on antiseptic impregnation. Wooden house without proper treatment antiseptics hardly would stand for a hundred years.

Is vitally important that all drawings and layouts of utilities. Otherwise, the slightest repair you risk damaging the wiring, alarms or ventilation. Good idea to verify that the number of installed equipment (boilers, pumps, sewage equipment) in the warranty card. There are cases when the construction instead of more expensive models installed a cheap analog.

Such things as cracks in walls, uncontrolled shrinkage of foundation you are unlikely to be able to verify independently. All cracks and crevices will be pre-patched host. But wonder about the true reason for selling the cottage can be neighbors. Also nice to know who is involved in construction. If a civilian crew, it's another reason to think about the advisability of purchase. Outside, the house will look like a sweetie, but inside - a solid headache.

Currently, there are companies in which you can order a professional analysis of the quality of construction of a building. With the help of special equipment, specialists, without destroying the wall, find out the quality of work performed, compliance with the stated grade of cement actually used, the thickness of the walls, levels, etc. Better spent on testing, than to curse the foremen and builders, erected residential estates and townhouses, and look for land for a new self-construction.
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