How to evaluate the gentrification and what to pay?

03.12.2010 04:40
Articles about real estate | How to evaluate the gentrification and what to pay? According direkto consulting company RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko, about 3% of a country market are the elite cottage villages. About 30% of them - new buildings, and 70% - the objects of the secondary market. "Elite" or that the complex is determined by the location, quality construction, a homogeneous social environment and infrastructure.

For an elite infrastructure will overpay twice
The difference between the settlements of business-class and deluxe is a set of services that are provided. For the elite class, especially important service for business class - the ratio "price - quality".

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By "basic" infrastructure may include safety, customer service, a convenience store and pharmacy.

The main characteristic of elite complexes according to Victor Kovalenko, the so-called "excess" infrastructure and high level of service. As a redundant infrastructure are the yacht clubs, golf courses, fitness and spa facilities, equestrian base, restaurants, boat stations, their own kindergartens. In a luxury complex to be organized children's leisure and provides an opportunity to use tutors. Repair services, cleaning and garbage disposal areas provide cleaning or management companies.

Luxury housing, in addition to the service level, different "levels of neighborhood." Offering customers "excess" infrastructure, such as a ski slope or a yacht club, developers form a community in the villages of people with similar interests.

"Of course, living in a village, where everything is made to detail, very comfortable. However, this infrastructure increases the cost of living in two, two and a half times, as all costs for the maintenance of yacht clubs, spas and restaurants lie on the residents. And it is about 70% of the monthly payments. And not all are ready for such additional costs. Therefore, the number of requests for houses in villages with a similar "excess" or thematic infrastructure constitute no more than 20% in the total requests for housing class deluxe - said Victor Kovalenko.
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