How to develop cottage villages in the regions of Ukraine

04.10.2010 09:38
Articles about real estate | How to develop cottage villages in the regions of Ukraine Transactions on suburban real estate market in the regions are practically absent. But, despite the crisis, experts say the market is very promising.

Features kottedzhestroeniya
In contrast, the Kiev region, construction of individual housing in Ukraine is still subject to conservative laws. Residents of the regions used to build yourself, is cheaper and pooriginalnee. For example, if Kiev businessman willing to overpay just to all the questions on the project, coordination and communication have been solved for him, it comes from the region, especially the west side, save and do it all yourself. In addition, for residents - natives of the village, of which a majority of regional centers, the priority remains the Townhouse, a "house in the village" and so they have.

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Nevertheless, in the last few years in the suburbs of large Ukrainian cities were announced, dozens of projects cottage settlements. Moreover, the efforts of marketing and advertising, as well as by metropolitan fashion on kottedzhestroenie, most of the cottages (roughly speaking, with lots of houses. - Ed.) They even had sold out.
But the financial crisis has forced the developers to scrap plans for putting into operation cottage villages in Kiev and the regions. The rate of construction is already under construction houses have fallen, and the planned start of construction of settlements has been postponed. Due to the delay in the appearance of cottage villages in the regions, the number of those that will be settled soon, is still measured in units.

Cottage Towns of the first wave turned out not quite successful - neither the builders nor the buyers did not have the necessary experience. For customers it is more image-purchase than a necessity. The criterion for being in the pre-crisis period, the consumer economy was considered a huge house of over three hundred square meters.
Before the crisis, land for individual construction gained couples aged 28 to 35 years with a combined income of 5 thousand dollars a month. After buying an apartment, and at least one car for two families took land from the postponement of construction on the half year to raise money for a down payment. In most cases, buyers turn to the bank for a loan under the next cottage or land, not really paying attention to the availability of infrastructure. Now the hype and all buyers with borrowed money has disappeared and developers sitting without work have become much more tractable.
Given the realities of the crisis, came to the fore the issues of comfort and economy - for a family of four optimal space and comfortable accommodation is a cottage up to two hundred square meters with a large local area.
Buyers want to get not only the square meters in the open air with pine trees outside the window, and good infrastructure.
To organize high-quality infrastructure to individual developers or small groups does not allow a small total area of land. Even a place for the local investor-developer project for 20-30 acres, which minimizes the risks can not fully develop the necessary infrastructure.
Supermarkets, fitness centers, hospitals and kindergartens in the territory of a small cottage settlement - while only a dream, although many developers in the initial phase of construction of such services say. But to find in one area of a local building a sufficient number of school-age children to school project stroitelstva justified itself, is not easy. Especially the children of the elite houses are usually trained in prestigious high schools of the city.
Housing estates - this is urban life on earth. Most pertinent is the area of 75-100 hectares under a settlement. In this case, the village is already possible zonirovat: luxury mansions, home-based business class, townhouses (two to four apartments in the same house), as well as, say, tennis courts and swimming pool for common use. This approach allows us to bring to the project people with different income levels.
Almost all villages are working on European principles, then there is the potential resident agrees not to have any pets other than cats and dogs are not bred garden - only the flowerbeds and gardens. But on this European approach, unfortunately, end there.

During the construction of a country house cost per square meter is about $ 800, 10-15% of this amount goes to the summing up of engineering networks and communications, yet 10-15% - the cost of land, the rest falls on construction work. About five percent of the cost goes to the development of rural infrastructure, which is located near the town.
For each section of the town of all communications, and the buyer could build a mansion on an individual project. Do not build here and in the format of a boutique town "when the house is for rent fully stocked - from furniture to vases on the coffee table. Because of the monotony formats in Ukraine, this segment is not a mass, although the country-houses for the citizens of many countries - not a question of prestige, and the normal organization of living space.

The advantages of cottage village:
* You come to relax and enjoy life, and all work on recreation and creating all conditions for comfortable rest takes a professional management company.
* Provide management klmpanii care of sanitation and waste disposal sites, gardening and landscaping areas.
* The company takes the residents of the cottage settlement obligations to the organization of round the clock protection of the territory, debris removal, as well as organizations of all processes for a comfortable stay.
* Well-developed infrastructure, a complete list of communications, the availability of shopping center and an advanced service sector, sozdatut all the conditions for comfort.
* Having a professional management company will significantly reduce the cost of operating expenses.
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