How to determine the legality of a new building

22.01.2018 00:45
Articles about real estate | How to determine the legality of a new building Specialist of the construction market Yuri Mavrodiev talks about what documents need to be checked for a potential investor so as not to become a victim of a construction scam.  Numerous construction scandals in the primary real estate market of the capital region for many years made potential housing investors very cautious. Nevertheless, scammers do not stop improving their technology, which leads to the emergence of new scams and housing "pyramids."

As a result, the long-awaited purchase of an apartment threatens to turn into a real tragedy for dozens of families. In order to avoid such cases it is necessary to clearly understand what to look for before handing your hard earned funds into the hands of the builder.

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We'll start with it. A truly responsible company is interested in demonstrating its openness at an early stage of a dialogue with a potential client. This means that upon your first request you must present all the necessary permits. Their list is not so great:

- title documents for the land plot;

- output data (town-planning conditions and restrictions, technical conditions, design task);

- a license to create objects of the general contractor architecture (IV and V complexity categories), qualification certificates, permissions for hazardous work, etc .;

- building permit (IV and V complexity categories);

- the declaration of the beginning of construction works;

- development and approval of project documentation and its expertise for IV and V categories of complexity;

- contracts on connecting the construction site to engineering networks, etc.

Of course, to work on the verification of this package of documents it makes sense to attract a professional lawyer. It will not be superfluous also to inquire about the presence in the future building of commercial real estate objects (shops, offices, beauty salons, etc.).

There is a small trick here. The fact that the acquisition of such areas, as a rule, engaged in a firm that has a fairly serious departments, specializing in legal issues. Accordingly, compared to a private investor, they have much more opportunities to verify the reliability of the documentation.

In addition to ensure the decency of a particular developer can be in the process of communicating with the tenants of houses that were commissioned earlier. They should be interested in such moments:

- Does your apartment have a physical address where you can register (register)?

- Have you had any problems with the paperwork? If so, which ones?

- Are you connected to all standard engineering networks? Do you have utility services? Do you have service agreements with these services?

- Has the developer fulfilled all of his obligations in full (including the terms of putting housing into operation)?

The developer, who has nothing to hide, will be maximally open not only in the issue of providing the potential investor with all the documents. The client should know where to find the representatives of the company, so it must have a legal and actual address (often it coincides with the address of the residential complex that the developer is building). The availability of its own website is already the norm in the domestic real estate market.

Or through virtual communication, or through contacting the office, the buyer can fully receive answers to their questions. If we talk about virtual sites, the responsible developer, as a rule, constantly informs his clients about the progress of the construction of a house. This is either news with photos, or installed on the construction site webcam, through which you can monitor the work in real time.

This is not an absolute, but still reliable enough guarantee that the investor will not replenish the deplorable list of deceived home buyers. It is necessary to remain vigilant, because only in this case the means invested in real estate will bring joy and pleasure to the future new settler.

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