How to control the work of a realtor?

06.02.2011 16:00
Trust, but verify, says a Russian proverb. Is it worth it to check the specialist to whom you are applying for the service? In principle, the costs, because the apartment is often - this is the greatest material value, that we have. But how can we control the activities of a realtor? Especially if you are not very well versed in the sales process?

There are several stages:

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First, is the control of the state. He's practically absent: no license (it was canceled in 2002), and engage in activities rietorskoy anyone can. However, some companies insure their professional liability in case of error, that is, if the real estate agency has worked not properly, causing problems for the client, he can expect to recover the amount of commission paid by the agency from the insurance company. Such insurance is voluntary rather than mandatory.

Be careful! If the agent said that the activities of their company is insured and you receive a refund of the amount of damages - is not so! Only a commission! The remaining losses - is a different kind of insurance.

The second level of control - control of the agency. Any self-respecting agency oversees the activities of their employees, ensuring quality services. This control is the reporting agent to the head of all actions required at different stages of the transaction. This is done usually at weekly meetings. Some agencies have specific CRM-programs that "lead" the client during the transaction, logging all operations of the agent.

And finally, the third (and prioritized more first) kind of control - it's self. "Conscience - the best controller" - a slogan hung before the buses and trolleybuses of the Soviet Union. Any professional agent has a strong interest in providing quality services, in order to get satisfied customers and good references. This pleasant and profitable.

However, everything in life is not always the case, we would like. Truly professional realtors in the market is not 100% or even 50% (this is my personal opinion).

Therefore, to control the realtor still necessary. Again, in the form of statements about how to promote sale of your property. The dynamics of these interactions depends on your personal desires. Some clients are asking them to call every week, and some, on the contrary, do not bother asking for nothing and to call only if there are any significant changes in the process.

Alexander Maltsev, CEO of CENTURY 21 West

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