The right choice of land for construction in Feng Shui

17.02.2020 01:00
In all the tracts devoted to Feng Shui, a classical approach to choosing a site for building a house is described. This is the presence of the four sacred animals of the Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix and Turtle. These days to find a plot with the classical principles of Feng Shui is practically impossible. But fret not worth it. Land even with minor differences of 1-1.5 meters in height can satisfy the rules of the energy space.
Try to have around the house in the center of the site. Arrange it so that the front was opened with a pleasant view. A Tiger, Turtle and Dragon can replace the neighboring houses or small architectural forms on the site.
It is not recommended to have a house high on a hill, then Qi is scattered and can not continue. But in Feng Shui is the main thing: "Chi saddles wind and scatters, but is saved by connecting to the water."
Keep in mind that, designing the house, always important balance and harmony, so the plot and the house must have a balanced form, preferably relying on 4 main points. In addition, design and architecture of the house must comply with the landscape. For example, if the landscape refers to the energy of the Earth, then the house with elements of water in the architecture, will be unacceptable, and join in dissonance with the surrounding space.

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In the urban landscape in different architectural forms and structures can be well correlated with the rule U-syn.
Party of the Dragon and Tiger should be balanced, and I want to remind that must follow the Yin Yang, one of the basic rules of Chinese metaphysics.
Element house is determined by its facades, and should not conflict with its external and internal design. If the building is an element of the Earth, the design is useful to many of the Earth and Metal. That is, white, beige, peach and sand tones. But we can not violate the balance due to the dominant one element.
The internal decoration of the room must be selected according to their functional purpose and useful elements for the hosts.
Do not build a house on the so-called "lines of the Dragon" - a journey Qi. They include footpaths, roads, paths of movement of animals, the natural line flows to the slopes of the mountains. Tranquility in a house not wait. And the method of correction in this case no.
The shape of the site, its orientation to the cardinal points, the location of adjacent roads, as well as the topography of land already will largely dictate the terms of the location of the house. So, much to the dismay of serious students of Feng Shui (especially the method of flying stars), the choice of orientation of the facade is not always depend on your desire. Even if in the eighth period, you really want to build a house with a facade on the south-west, but the configuration of the site does not allow this, it should not be upset. With proper flow of Qi in the area and the skillfully House with all the principles of harmonious space you will get an excellent result.
Good Feng Shui can be seen at a glance, without taking all sorts of measurements. Defining the spot at home and the location of other objects in the area can not forget about the "poison arrows". They can be formed by sharp angles of the neighboring houses, poles, towers, etc. For example, if the acute angle of the roof of a neighboring building "attacks" on the left side of the building, ie on the side of the Dragon is regarded as an attack on a man in the house, because it is the left side belongs to the category of Yang, and has a masculine characteristics. This situation affects not only the health of male half of the family, but also can cause quarrels and conflicts among men in the neighboring houses. The same caveats apply to the right side of the house, which is called the side of the Tigris. For example, if an acute angle of the roof of a neighboring house attacked by the left side of the house, it can lead to quarrels between women, and serious health problems of the female half of living in this house.
In Feng Shui there are no trifles, even a small factor, can lead to serious problems in the power structures of houses
Wish you health, success and prosperity.

Master Feng Shui Elena Vardimiadi

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