How to choose the best cottage?

25.06.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | How to choose the best cottage? To date, the elite suburban real estate market offers a wide selection. According to Victor Kovalenko, the director of "RealEkspo 'within the Kiev region there are a large number of cottage settlements in luxury segment, but on closer examination, the really remarkable is just a few. To become a truly suburban village "best of the best," he must have some "unique set of" five components:

Location. On the elite suburban real estate, as in the urban housing market, everything depends on location. In developing the concept of the village, the developers try their best to capitalize on the natural and landscape features of the site.

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Infrastructure. Developed infrastructure makes it a comfortable environment for living, so selecting the best towns, you can not miss her out of attention.

Architecture. Best country projects should not only be well-organized, but also has a unique (author's) architecture, unique in its kind.

Social homogeneity. Buyers are unique suburban projects - people with a certain level of affluence. In addition to high requirements for the comfort and security of residence, an important factor when making purchasing decisions - a single social environment in the township.

Subject of the village. Thematic orientation of the village - an additional factor that increases the attractiveness of the project. Many suburban towns boast beautiful architecture, infrastructure, beautiful nature, but only a few have created a certain atmosphere that makes people unite and enthusiastic general idea. One village has historically famous in artistic circles and get it home it is very difficult if you do not belong to the creative environment. Another - an ideal place for families with children. The third - a small, France, with art deco architecture of 19 century. In recent years, have become especially popular club suburban projects with a sports theme: sailing, golf, horse riding, in the village sports competitions are held, even international level. To purchase real estate in the theme village must either directly related to the specific group of people, or recommendations of residents and club members, since such settlements are "closed" for public access.

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