How to choose an apartment: the advice of friends, the realtors and the inner voice

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Articles about real estate | How to choose an apartment: the advice of friends, the realtors and the inner voice Statistics confirm that the ordinary and unremarkable Russian citizen has to change or buy a flat maximum of a couple of times in my life. A native villagers can stay in their ancestral home, inherited from his parents, forever, without even thinking about moving. So that experience in a regular change of housing, in contrast to Western consumers of the new estate, the home buyer's not enough to swear by.

Strange requests
And more often exchanged the old and buy new homes and apartments only when necessary, and for the most part to improve living conditions, when the adult children decide to relocate from their parents, or a couple after a divorce, dividing shared apartment, travel in different directions. "Most certainly, the change takes place in the housing segment of the business and the elite class, which with high probability we can assume that every 5-10 years, clients of this social group" invested "in the purchase of new properties, - says Alexey Shlenov, General director of MIEL-Brokerage. - When you say it that they decide their own housing, do not have to. " Most often this is done to maintain their own status.

Among realtors is assumed that the main criteria when choosing a new home are: location of homes, infrastructure, ecology, costs and options the apartment. But there are cases when illogically buyer puts other, and quite amusing requirements for a future apartment. One asks to choose housing near the stadium, which serves his favorite team, the other willingly agrees to move into a house around the corner from which there is a Skin-Venereal Dispensary. A third wants out of the windows you could see the cemetery crosses. From time to time in the agency drop in clients wishing to buy property close to government secret bunkers, bomb shelters and subway lines, where they may be. Well, of course, there are buyers who pick up housing under the laws of Feng Shui. According to the company's employees "NDV-Real Estate, Eastern doctrine of today finds Russia a second wind, and his admirers in the choice of new housing have been increasingly paying attention to how free would be the entrance to the house for the grace of chi energy, rather than on the parameters of the apartment and the presence of a nearby social and domestic infrastructure. First of all, the most inveterate "fenshuisty" take into account the points of the compass, the location of windows, doors, height, and surrounding homes. At the same time prevent the transaction may be a "private" factor, for example, incorrect placement of furniture or layout that is incompatible with the ancient Eastern teachings.

Council yes love
The most interesting thing that once a buyer independently chose a particular apartment, there are no views and the most valuable advice on this matter did not dissuade. Although, if a realtor, loved ones or friends disapprove of his decision, pointing to the advantages of new housing for the very kind words will be the buyer's psychological support and can even cause positive emotions as to the correctness of its decision. "When choosing an apartment, if the buyer has already decided to take someone's advice, one should proceed from the principle: the more competent relative, friend or acquaintance, the more valuable may be its board, - Mrs. Svetlana Birini, head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-Real Estate . - For example, some of my friends have already committed a successful sale transaction, can share their experiences or indicate the competent specialist who helped him in this. "

At the same time we should not forget that any board has a trace of subjectivism. For example, such a parameter as accessibility or location of the house, depending on perception, interpreted differently. One would say that the selected area is not the best, experienced back-breaking traffic load, the other declares that in the same county has never been observed avtoprobok and congestion. So that the information friends should be treated very carefully. Not to mention the "services" of psychics, who are always liked the apartment can find some energy defect. And sometimes even just to "work off" their fees. In one case, a difference of four days, two psychic with wire frames "examined" the same apartment. One magician said that the object of negative energy. The other by manipulating the same framework, there is no negativity is not found.

Muscovites and provincials
Incidentally, the principles of selection of new housing "under itself" the indigenous inhabitants of the capital and suburbanites who have decided to change the registration, vary greatly. "So, - says Alexey Shlenov - Muscovites are much better and more clearly articulate their request, which is not surprising: they are well aware of the city, and prices are guided, and indicate in advance which area would like to buy property. As a rule, every Muscovite there is some emotional connection: the desire to live closer to parents, children or in an area where he spent his childhood and youth. " Another distinguishing feature is that the layout of apartments and the quality of buildings known to Muscovites better. They often go to visit, see the plan, not only in older homes, but also in the newly populated housing complexes, and can already pre-suppose what apartment they need.

At the provincials, who wished to move to the capital, preferences, of course, also exist, but often vague. They sometimes do not realize and spread the money for an apartment in a house without an elevator in the hruschevke "or not the most successful in terms of environmental areas such as Kapotnya or printers. If there is a provincial and guidance, then such more often belong to the cost of apartments surrounding the building infrastructure and, most importantly, the presence of nearby subway station. It is true that wealthy non-resident buyers, if housing purchased for himself, to no small degree of interest and prestige of the district. Another thing is that Moscow they know is bad, and therefore are often tricked or buy is not what we would like. In the mid-90's, when Moscow's housing market is just beginning to emerge, scammers have resorted to a variety of methods to disorient the visitor buyer. So, once black realtors thrown from a simpleton client a cruel joke. Promised person nedopogo ppodat housing in the district Leninsky ppocpekta. Pacpicali doctoinctva home kvaptipy and taken ... in the distant Vyxino. At the corner house pyadom c subsided, they nailed a sign of a fake though near Leninsky ppocpekte to koto.pogo on camom really extra hour ride. Pocle coversheniya Transaction plate, of course, was removed. But as a result of his absent-mindedness and ignorance of Moscow buyer ppiobpel kvaptipu vovce not where xotel.

Many non-resident buyers come from syredobyvayuschih areas. Hereby invasion were considered pre-crisis times, when the provincials, in spite of daily prices, bought Moscow's living space for themselves, for children, parents. And many of the wealthy category lacked the answer to the question: "This is a prestigious area?"

Hurry up - laugh?
In order to make the final decision to buy, as a rule, it is enough to see the object twice. The first time an acquaintance with the location of the house and the apartment itself, and the second detailed view applies to all "corners" of new housing. But every customer is unique. One can of course determine that the apartment he fits in all respects. Another will be a long question, look, study the details and, perhaps, after weighing all the pros and cons, and make the final decision. "Once on the eve of New Year's holidays - says Pavel Karasev, CEO of Real Estate Service" - to our office came a man with a suitcase and said that he would immediately buy a flat and found in her New Year's Eve. Employees of our company told him that the procedure of registration of property rights will take time. Buyer grimaced, opened the suitcase to the brim full of bills, and again, has already urged, requested the keys to the apartment. Nothing to do but to offer to meet Christmas in a bare concrete "new buildings, where apartments were sold without finishing. Of course, this option is not suitable. But an apartment with a suitcase people still bought it, did it repair and met there with his family ... next New Year. "

But buying on the move quite rare. According to Irina Mogilatovoy, CEO of Tweed, it occurs in one out of fifty cases. And usually the buyer is able to search a month or two. However, no part of this example, when the same object is viewed more than five times. Although there are also some such originals. One client, when building a house in Granatny Lane, came to inspect the future apartment 13 times. In the same PR agency to meet the tired man who visited the facility more than 30 times. "In our practice, - says Alexey Shlenov - where the buyer came to the subject for more than five times, did not happen, but there is a situation when a customer looked at 50 apartments before choosing one. With the likes of realtors to work extremely hard. The fact that the bias in the buyer's view of various options for housing is formed by a collective image of the perfect apartment. And to satisfy his request becomes extremely difficult. And sometimes even impossible. Either because of lack of funds for most buyers, either because of the lack of an ideal flat in the capital's housing market. "

Experts also agree: if we are talking about a typical home, for a final decision lacking 2.1 Inspections. If the conversation is about the more expensive "square" housing can be inspected and 3, and 4 times. Buyers show him not only to family members, but also bring their builders, designers and architects to imagine what will be flat after the intervention of specialists, as well as to understand how much it will pour out major repairs or alterations. So, the more expensive apartment, so can be large and the number of views. Quick purchase the same happen only if the client knows in advance what they need. And if the first version of his suit, he immediately prepared to pay.
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