How to choose an apartment for the optimal investment

21.08.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | How to choose an apartment for the optimal investment Investment in urban real estate - a topic that a couple of years has been nullified by the crisis, again becomes relevant. Depending on the segment share of such deals in the market average hovers around 5-15%, reaching in some segments and 20%.

Speculative interest with us again

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"The share of investment deals now range from 5% to 15% depending on the segment of the market and general economic conditions, - says Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center of the corporation" Incom ". - In practice, despite the various economic fluctuations, price per square meter is only growing. For example, in 2007, the average cost of 1 sq. km. m on the secondary market in Moscow was 138.1 thousand rubles. Now the figure is already 196.5 thousand rubles. per square. m ".

"Currently, there is the market of new investment demand, which is due to the crisis was not yet two years ago, - says Andrey Glebov, director of sales and marketing company" Domus finance ". - Now all in the past. Real estate prices rise gradually from about the beginning of the year is more expensive on a monthly basis within inflation. Apartment prices also increased during the construction of the house. As we know from the start of construction before it is put into operation it may take 1.5-2 years, and during that time the price usually increases by 25-30%. "

"On a regular market, the share of investment transactions account for about 20%. Customers buy real estate, including the possibility of its lease, though the apartments that are rented, great income does not bring, and their profitability does not exceed 3-5% of your investment. However, buyers are content to purchase the item, in a prosperous economic situation in itself will increase in price, and total investment income may be high enough "- develops the theme of Roman Mouradian, managing director of company" MIEL-Franchise. " According to experts, the percentage of investment in new buildings is still not very large - no more than 5%, as such investment does not require immediate operation of the apartment, and buyers expect only the growth of its market value. "First of all, prices are going up at each stage of construction, since than the willingness of the object above, the more expensive it is, and secondly, from month to month marked a steady rise in prices. However, investment in unfinished objects always have an element of risk, and this can be explained by a low share ", - says Roman Muradian.

Upward trend in investment transactions is found not only in Moscow, according to Marina Osadchaya, head of marketing "NDV St. Petersburg," now the share of speculative purchases in the northern capital is about 10%, whereas two years ago the figure was 5-7%.
What is invested?

Select the most suitable object for investment is difficult: each segment of the residential property market has its advantages and disadvantages.

"The popular flat - this is the most liquid and not too expensive. This apartment, from 4 to 9 floor, a small square footage, usually an area of ​​studio apartments to 29 square meters. m and studios ranging from 30 to 40 square meters. m in the houses located in the most accessible places, close to the subway, in populated areas with developed infrastructure - attractive investment options reveals apartments Marina Osadchaya. - First, the apartment must meet all the above requirements. Secondly, we should pay attention to the reliability of the builder: how many years he worked in the market, how many objects are built. Third, the object must be in the initial stage of construction (excavation or construction stage of the building shell - on the first floor level), where apartment prices low relative to the more than willing to objects. Fourth, the market should be growing, not stagnating or falling even more. " You should avoid common mistakes when choosing an object for investment in accordance with their own preferences (for example, if an investor like myself flat on the top floor, this does not mean that it will be understood by the average preferences of the buyer).

Among the most popular in the investment plan continues to be one-bedroom apartments of functional planning, the meter to 40 square meters. m, is divided their data Skorik Anton, CEO, "Morton-Invest", "After the crisis, increased demand from investors began to use an apartment in panel houses. Thus, the leaders of the demand, I would call one-bedroom apartment homes in a series of U-44T. They have the best footage and the most convenient layout, these apartments then easier to sell: the repair here requires minimal time and cost, and on this recent buyers pay close attention. "

"From the standpoint of investment appeal are the most interesting apartments in new economy class (in a price range to 90-120 thousand rubles. For the quarter. M in Moscow, and within 70-90 thousand rubles. For the quarter. M in Moscow region), or objects high degree of readiness in the most popular districts of Moscow - said Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of the company "MIEL-New". - One of the factors of investment attractiveness of a home accessibility and proximity to the subway. As a profitable investment can be considered new construction in areas where the metro is planned in the near or medium term. By the time the construction of houses can be built underground, which further raise the cost of apartments. "

Ultimately, the choice of an object depends on the amount of funds that the investor plans to spend, says Dmitry Taganov. "As a real example of what can make a profit from the investment, we can cite the following, - says the expert. - Suppose a customer purchases an apartment on the secondary market for 5.8 million rubles. (Eg, good, "odnushku" area of ​​33 square meters. M (the kitchen - 6 square meters. M) in the pre-fabricated house on the street. Halabyan (metro station "Falcon")). In order to form a decent apartment and had become the most attractive to potential employers, you need to make cosmetic repairs and purchase a minimum set of home appliances (estimated these costs could amount to 600 thousand rubles).. So, we have an apartment, investment in which a total of 6.4 million rubles. In that case, if only to rent (for the calculation we take the average cost of renting such a facility - 35 thousand rubles. Per month), the yield would be 7.5% or approximately 480.8 thousand rubles. In the case of its sales through the year a return of 8.6% or 551.6 thousand rubles. And if you buy this apartment, rent for a year and then sell it, get the maximum yield - 16.1% or 1.03 million rubles.. "

That is, if the goal - just to make the housing market, then simply buy an apartment.

And if the goal - to maximize profits, will make housing work. In both cases, investments in the housing market - a long-term money. 
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