How to choose a vacation home?

24.05.2020 00:00
As a general rule, a country house - this is not the first housing. Its mostly bought by people who have an apartment and in most cases, family. Basic requirements for home-town - it's accessibility, safety, environment, infrastructure. It is also important to distinguish between the purposes for which purchased the house - a seasonal or a permanent residence. Based on the needs of the buyer is chosen accommodation. So, if there will be live all year round and travel to Moscow to work, it must be a gated development with good accessibility is not very far from Moscow, because the conduct in traffic half a day to anyone not interested. But then the distance to the village is very dependent on the highway: a relatively high speed and always Novorizhskoye standing road enthusiasts travel time can be one, and the distance - just different.

Practice shows that the presence of communication or guarantees of their connections in the future are very important for the buyer. They also draw attention to the presence of security and basic facilities. However, the requirements for out of town houses mainly deal with the materials of construction.

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"When choosing a building material and construction technology developer primarily focused on consumer demand - says Valery Lukin, head of the office," Transfiguration, "the company" Incom Real Estate. " - As a rule, for economy class settlements are selected technologies that can minimize construction costs. For example, a sandwich or an inexpensive board. But for projects and business elite class is characterized by houses made of logs and, above all, a brick. "

Indeed, more and more popular among customers enjoy business class brick houses, but not more than 2 floors. However, the project business-class penthouse is not popular, although in the economy segment are quite in demand.

So far the demand divided as follows: 45% of buyers interested in brick, block (gazoselikatny, etc.) and cover the timber to 23% of the audience for each, 13% of timber. At the same time according to a June interest brick houses rose 13% to 16% more customers are looking for alternative building materials.

Pros and cons of a country house

There are cases that are buying homes for temporary or permanent residence. The longer the house is located on the city, the greater the likelihood of its use as a summer residence. Homes in the area of ​​20 km from Moscow, is generally used for permanent residence.

Living in the house has several advantages: it is almost always a large area, own the land. If it is a modern town, there is well-organized security, that is, children can go for a walk around the village that the city is now almost unthinkable. But the utilities, of course, will be higher.

But do not forget that the house needs attention of the owners. Residents of suburban houses are faced with such troubles, which knows no city dweller: from the snow removal and ending suddenly chipped stucco on the facade. Not everyone is ready to take on this responsibility. "Rarely, but still there are cases when the client understands that the countryside - it's not him and was relieved to return to Moscow, - says Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of suburban real estate Penny Lane Realty. - A country house converted into a favorite summer residence. "

Hot and cold water

With regard to water, then you need to understand that in hot and cold running water enters the apartment centrally from the city CHP. Outside the town is, centralized communication is not always necessary, and often the water is heated directly in a house with a gas or electric boiler.

"The price of water use depends on the area, as well as the type of system - says Timur Saifutdinov - Managing Director of real estate at Blackwood. - If a central water supply, connected to some locality near Moscow, the payment rate will near Moscow, when water obscheposelkovy, tariffs already are internal settlement. As a rule, in any case, water tariffs in a country house more than in Moscow. "

However, Iryna Mosheva, project manager for the construction of the cottage "Masshab" notes that in economy class projects and in projects of houses over 100 - the cost of water will be the same as in Moscow.

The use of water is usually slightly more expensive projects in business class, where the degree of purification of water is much better. It should be noted that almost all organized cottage communities, developers build their own wells and water intake sites.

Top Destinations

Among the most popular trends today is Novorizhskoe, Simferopol, Dmitrovskoe and Kaluga highway. The greatest number of deals done at a distance of 11-50 km from Moscow. The most popular segment continues to be economy class, experts say.

"Luxury real estate focused on the traditional elite areas, namely Novorizhskoe highway, which, according to our observations today took the first place in relation to other elite destination - Rublevo-Uspensky highway. Third place goes to Minsk highway ", - says Andrey Solovyov, head of the suburban real estate company Knight Frank.


Despite all of these requests, the structure of demand has not undergone some dramatic changes in recent years. According to Dmitry Tsvetkov, is still the most popular format for stay at home in a range of up to $ 500 thousand, however, a fundamental factor for today's buyer is not so much price as price and quality of the object.

Buyers tend to purchase homes in the secondary market, so you can get the keys and start to live, not to solve a few years, construction issues related to the future home. With regard to the primary market, there are popular cottages are in the final stages of completion. With the current economic situation in the project of cottage settlement is better to come in, when the village is already built, but does not yet have a final look. In this case, the buyer objectively evaluate that investment from the developer left a bit, and he will be able to complete the project on time. In this cottage sold will be priced unfinished object.

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