How to choose a vacation home: expert advice

10.10.2010 19:15
Articles about real estate | How to choose a vacation home: expert advice Today in the suburban real estate market offers many sites and finished homes for every taste and budget. But how to choose? Build yourself or buy ready-made housing - it is more profitable? In what direction is best to live? On the intricacies associated with the choice of suburban housing, says the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko.

- So where to start selection of a country house?
- First of all, let me note that we have people start to think about it in May and June, when the city becomes stuffy and hot. But the May-June - is already very late. Begin select a country house better in February. And above all, be tempted to move out of town. Further options are two: to move beyond the metropolis, or to equip a temporary shelter. This is somewhat different things, and many do not understand what the first and second homes, not distinguishing between these concepts. Moreover, nearly half of those who are building a cottage in the 30-kilometer zone, then begin to live there permanently. Therefore it is necessary to understand what kind of house you want and why.

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- Let's chosen problem. What to do?
- Before choosing a second home I would suggest to pay attention to the ecology of the area. It is also worth remembering that the most difficult transport situation in the country roads is from Friday to Sunday. Therefore, it would be ideal to organize your work, a convenient schedule to these days do not go out of town. In addition, buy villa stands on the direction of where you live. So, say, the residents Troyeshchyna have at least three ways: it Brovarske, Boryspil and Vyshgorod direction.
Despite the apparent logic, many people who live in the south, and the cottage is still buying in the north ...

- What routes are most comfortable and convenient for fans of country life?
- It remains a popular and convenient Obukhov direction is actively developed Vyshgorod direction is comfortable enough and Zhytomyr direction. This year we anticipate the development of the Makarov District. We are already seeing activity in terms of purchasing the land and the volume of the preparation of projects in this area. Buyers do not yet noticed, but this year there will be growth in popularity.

- What is the next step, if the buyer is to choose the area and the appointment of a future home?

- Then there are a few ways. First - buy ready-made housing. The idea is good, but very little of such housing, particularly in the segment of economy class. What is proposed, mostly either illiquid or with inflated prices. Because in times of crisis the money was very expensive, developers receive credits for 11-15%. Therefore, if the company undertook the construction, it always came out much. For example, "UkrsibInvest" only sells ready-made home, so their product is quite expensive. But, of course, he is also always on sale, as there are buyers willing to pay.
The second way - buying a site with contract. Chosen cottage, where all homes will be more or less the same style, understand the rhythm and pace of development. The third way: to buy the same plot, but without a contract, too, in the cottage or even in the countryside or suburban co-op. The site without a contract there is a significant plus for those buyers who have money only on the site. You can purchase this site and think more.
But if you have money and homes and land, then I recommend to buy a plot with contract in the cottage. For the buyer it is more profitable. As if he has the money to the area and the house, all around - the neighbors - also have money for land and homes. And it will be built all around. All need protection, many issues are best addressed collectively in the areas of contract.

- What risks are there for buyers cottage with contract at the start and finish?

- Many do not understand what the land. Land is of different categories and for different purposes. Now there are many companies who sell the promise to make the documents of the land. Not worth the risk and pay money for a nonexistent allotment. It should have two documents: a certificate of ownership and cadastral passport of the land. Now if these two documents is, the plot exists. If you sold only a promise to make these documents, it is even higher risks. Next you need to pay attention to different categories of land. Should be considered ground under country house construction or land for individual housing construction. If this is the real land and the site exists in nature, then there is his plan and coordinate point GPS.

The second point - is not understanding the people that they are buying when they buy parts from the contract. They buy two separate, independent product - the site and construction contractors. Construction contract - an agreement concluded between the buyer and the firm-house builder. Many confuse the developer (the person who develops the land and is selling in a particular village) with the developer who will build the house, with a general contractor. There were cases when people buy land with a contract, it obligated to enter into a contract for construction contractors with a specific, unknown to his company, he paid the money, and the firm, which he paid for a row, dissolved or ruined because of the crisis. And he can not sue the developer, to compel him to sell the land and settle with him on the outstanding obligations, for a row: the ground conditions are all satisfied in full, and the claim is necessary to bring to the contractor. Therefore, any advice? Watch out who is the developer of the town. We need to understand what kind of company. It should have a reputation to build in other cities, be sure to build private homes, to be introduced to the market.

- Is there a register of contractors?

- Unfortunately, no. Neither the rating nor the registry, nothing. But it is necessary to create.
Need to pay attention to the period of existence of the company. It is created by this small town, or before? Projects must be directories. Another important point: there must be a warranty on the house is not built by the developer and the contractor.

- We sold a lot of sites with the possibility of summing up the communications. " What is it and is dangerous to buy this land?
- Ideally, fly to an area on which there is already communication. In them before the start of sales must be all communications. But it is quite expensive. Cheaper to make communication in the course of sales.

Particularly high risk, where plots are sold without a contract. During the crisis, there were many landlords, who were engaged only in wholesale sales of land, but when the wholesale market has ceased to be interesting, they are cut up into small plots and plots were sold at retail without a contract. In this case, summing up the experience of communication with them and was not. And the prices on sites they designate "from the lantern, only to be sold. They just promise of communication - roads, lighting, gas, entry of the group ... They begin to sell and realize that after summing up the communications go to zero.

- How to verify that communication is really summed up in the village?

- It is advisable to contact the experts that have anything to understand. There are two very important things: to be the road to the site, not a promise that it will be built, the roads inside the village, at least to those parts that are sold. And electricity, at least to 6 kilowatts. There should be a power line to the town. And the technical specifications on the allocation of power: if these documents from the developer is, then all is well.

OVC (water intake site) can then make a general in the town or each his own drill a water well, a price not much will be different, so water is not so important.

Entry to the protection group is also desirable, otherwise the town is not very good looks. Must be some common areas, recreation or a playground. Sometimes deceive people: show a plan that there will be a tennis court, football field here, this restaurant, etc. And then it did not, then this area is also divided into plots and sold for development. We must not ignore the promise. The plan may change. Need to buy something that is. Any infrastructure makes sense when it is physically there, as well as all the necessary documents.
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