How to choose a site for construction of houses

03.01.2012 12:15
Articles about real estate | How to choose a site for construction of houses Know - you say - building a house begins with the foundation. And here and there! Before proceeding to lay the foundation to buy land plot, but it's not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance.
Choosing a building plot, above all, pay attention to the transport accessibility, which, oddly enough, should be combined with not much congestion in this direction. It is also very important to have well-developed infrastructure: garbage collection, access hospitals, shops, beaches, gyms. Naturally, you want to live in ecologically clean area, so be sure to get an environmental map, which marked undesirable for settlement space. If you do not trust the map, you can conduct a detailed analysis, incidentally, and identifying the type of soil, and pocherpnuv other necessary information. The next important factor - the availability of communications (electricity, gas, water). Necessarily need to find out how far from the site they are, and what you pour out a pretty penny and then their connection. Choosing a site, pay attention to every detail, because a slight mistake in choosing the site could seriously destroying the nerves in the future. Before you conduct the inventory work, meet with neighbors - in fact in the future you will have to live with them side by side, and if the first impression with the neighbors "not very", you should seriously consider - whether to buy this particular site. Learn how to which category belongs to this land, because under the law of land should not be in the water closer than 150 meters and the area in the woods you can only rent - sale of forest areas are not subject. Pay attention to the orientation of the site relative to the sides of light, not whether it is obscured by the neighboring buildings, because you probably do not want to live in the shadow of a neighbor's house, and harvest at this site do not wait. If the site is sloping, it is desirable that the slope was deployed in the south or southeast side, so that it fell a little more sunlight. It will not hurt immediately clarify how the future will be registration of real estate, to discuss with all the nuances of BTI future development, to legitimize the project at home.
As you can see, site selection is not less important task than building on it at home, and take him to, respectively.

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